• What’s on Your Fork?

    Are you looking for an easy (and educational) way to brighten up a classroom, hallway, office, or cafeteria? Check out our What’s On Your Fork poster, bulletin board banner, and wall decals. They feature beautiful, professional photographs of real, healthy food on a black background – these really stand out! There are so many fun […] Tags:
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  • Got Chickens?

    Backyard poultry —cute little chicks and ducklings—are becoming popular with both rural and urban families.  This can be an educational opportunity for families as well as a way to have fresh eggs. But, backyard poultry has been recently been linked to illnesses.  Over 1000 people in several states have become infected with different strains of […] Tags:
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  • Are You Ready for the Holiday Overeating Season?

    Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday overeating season. But actually, we’ve been having to resist the temptation at the supermarket for months, with Halloween candy showing up on shelves in August and holiday baking displays popping up in September. Yes, the holiday overeating season starts earlier every year! How are your clients supposed to […] Tags:
  • Eat It Now, Burn It Off Later?

    Indulge today, work it off tomorrow? If only it was that simple! Although we never want to discourage people from exercising, it’s important to emphasize that the key to weight loss is healthy eating, not working out. Extra calories are so easy to eat and so hard to burn. Our You Can’t Outrun Your Fork […] Tags:
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  • Teach the Facts: Microbiome & Gut Health

    Gut health and microbiome are hot topics that go together. Like most hot topics, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Teach your audience the facts with our Microbiome and Gut Health PowerPoint show. Our presentation covers all the basics, answering the questions your clients are asking: What exactly is the microbiome? What factors affect the […] Tags:
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