• How to Change Up a Step Challenge

    Step challenges appeal to kids and adults, making them a popular way to encourage people to be more active. Spring is a great time to start a 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge – everyone’s ready to get outside! Our 10K Steps theme has everything you need to run a step challenge in a school, workplace, […] Tags:
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  • Have Fun with Portion Control

    My sons recently offered to buy dinner for me and my husband. They were ordering from their favorite burrito place and asked what I wanted. When I chose the kids meal, they were dumbfounded. Why would you get the kids meal? It’s so small! (Even my husband was against it, albeit for a different reason: […] Tags:
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  • Let’s Get Excited About the New DGA

    With all that’s going on in our country, it’s possible that not everyone is as excited as we are about the new edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). But we’re not letting that stop us! Here are three ways to get your students, clients, or employees excited about (or at least aware of) […] Tags:
  • 7 Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

    When it comes to nutrition and health education, it’s best to keep your messages simple. People are more likely to remember and follow recommendations that are straight-forward and basic. Our 7 Simple Steps poster provides a lot of information, but it’s broken down into specific steps that can be taken one at a time. Each […] Tags:
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  • Holiday Survival Tips & COVID-19

    Eating healthfully during the holidays is always a challenge. This year the pandemic is making it even harder. Help your clients get through the holiday eating season with our Holiday Survival Tips PowerPoint show. The presentation addresses the reality of holiday weight gain and helps audience members make a plan to avoid it. Here are three […] Tags:
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