• Don’t Forget About Water!

    During the winter, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. Our Drink Water poster is a great reminder that, while you may not be hot and thirsty like you are in the summer, the body still needs water. This poster catches people’s attention with interesting graphics and easy-to-read tidbits of information. Here are some […] Tags:
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  • Focus on Fruit

    The holiday season’s bright colors fade away in January when the reality of winter sets in. Plan now to cheer up those cold, dreary days with our beautiful Focus on Fruit poster. Focusing on fruit means adding color, flavor, fiber, nutrients, and a little sweetness to meals and snacks. Here are some ideas to help your […] Tags:
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  • Rising Food Costs? There’s an App for That!

    Food prices are rising and they’re expected to keep going up next year. Teach your clients or students how to get the most nutrition bang for the buck with this one-two approach: Use our Healthy Shopping on a Budget PowerPoint show to put on a class or webinar that will prove that healthy eating doesn’t have […] Tags:
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  • Defeat Diabetes Distress

    Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can be scary and overwhelming. Patients and their loved ones have so much to learn, but educators have to be careful not to push too much information on them too soon. Help your clients avoid diabetes distress with our 12 Lessons of Diabetes program. Through PowerPoint shows, an e-book, […] Tags:
  • Fight Information Overload

    Your students, employees, and clients are bombarded with information everywhere they go. Sadly, many of the nutrition and health education messages we teach get tuned out or lost in information overload. One way to get your information tuned in, not out, is to use short, to-the-point messages that will catch and keep people’s attention. We […] Tags:
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