• Choose Water

    When it’s hot and humid, it’s time to remind people to drink plenty of water. Our Choose Water bookmarks and wristbands are perfect for this! Put them in a basket on your desk so whoever comes by can take the message home with them. Here are a few more fun ways to nudge people towards […] Tags:
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  • Make Your Salad a Rainbow

    There are many different ways to tell people to eat more fruits and vegetables. You might say eat a plant-based diet or eat more colorful foods or eat foods that grow. But with our new Make Your Salad a Rainbow poster, the picture says it all by showcasing the natural beauty and colors of fruits […] Tags:
  • Tired of Talking About Fiber?

    Despite the many proven health benefits of fiber, most Americans still don’t get enough of it. Maybe they don’t understand that fiber is a one stop shop for so many health issues: Trying to lose weight? Fiber helps control hunger. Doctor says to lower your cholesterol? Fiber can help with that. Worried about diabetes? Fiber […] Tags:
  • Food Poisioning Goes Viral

    I’ve often wondered what makes a YouTube or a post on Facebook go viral. Knowing my interest in food safety, a friend recently shared a Fox News story that I’m sure helped make this story on a food poisoning death go viral https://www.foxnews.com/health/student-died-after-eating-leftover-pasta-in-rare-food-poisoning-case The story became popular was picked up by several other social media […] Tags:
  • Real Food Grows

    Consumers are easily fooled by processed foods disguised as healthy food. It might a big red strawberry on the front of a box of toaster pastries. Or it might be the name of the food itself, as in banana nut oat bran muffins. They won’t be fooled if they remember that real food grows. Is […] Tags:
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  • Do the Calorie Math

    Paleo, keto, low carb, Mediterranean – no matter the diet, it still comes down to math. Calorie math, that is! And our new Calorie Math poster has something for you to show everyone. For the Counter who asks, “So how many calories should I eat?” The Calorie Math poster lists average daily calorie requirements based […] Tags:
  • SIX Healthy Tips for July 4th

    It must be “human nature” but even those who do a good job of healthy eating at other times seem to resort back to “traditional” foods on holidays. These foods are typically chocked full of empty calories, fats and sugars. Rethinking the menu and “tweaking” your shopping list a little can take your 4th of […] Tags:
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  • Not Enough Time in the Day

    Exercise has lots of benefits, but it can’t make up for overindulging in not-so-healthy foods. When people say, I’ll burn it off at the gym later or I walked three miles this morning, they don’t understand that it’s not that simple. Most would be shocked to learn just how long they need to exercise to […] Tags:
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  • Do you play refrigerator Tetris?

    Refrigerator Tetris is when you have just so much stuff shoved into the refrigerator that it looks like you’re playing that popular video puzzle game. This is probably not the best situation. The first problem is air circulation.   With food crammed every which way the refrigerator may not have good air flow.  Boxes of food […] Tags:
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  • Fall in Love with Salad

    I was recently stuck at the airport on the way home from a trip to New Orleans. It was lunch time and after a weekend of jambalaya, etouffee, gumbo, bananas Foster, and beignets, what I really wanted was a big healthy salad. Lucky for me, I found a pretty nice pre-made salad at an airport […] Tags:
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