• Fight Information Overload

    Your students, employees, and clients are bombarded with information everywhere they go. Sadly, many of the nutrition and health education messages we teach get tuned out or lost in information overload. One way to get your information tuned in, not out, is to use short, to-the-point messages that will catch and keep people’s attention. We […] Tags:
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  • Lighten Things Up with Humor

    Nutrition is a serious topic, but sometimes a little humor can help you get your point across. The Nutrition Education Store has lots of fun posters that convey important information in a lighthearted way. One example is the See-Food Diet/Don’t Get Hooked poster. The subject of this poster is a beautiful fish (made up of fruits […] Tags:
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  • Menu Planning for Everyone!

    Menu planning is key to a healthy dietary pattern, but many folks don’t give it much thought, think it’s too hard, or don’t know where to start. The tools in our Heart Healthy Menu Planning theme can help you teach the basics of meal planning to just about anyone – students, parents, employees, or clients. It starts […] Tags:
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  • Let the Games Begin!

    The Tokyo Olympic games begin later this month. Why not bring the Olympic spirit to your workplace, classes, or individual counseling sessions? The five Olympic Rings fit nicely with MyPlate’s five food groups. Here are some ways to turn your nutrition education into the MyPlate Olympics: Discuss MyPlate and the five food groups, one for […] Tags:
  • Two-Pronged Approach to Healthy Retirement

    When planning for retirement, most people don’t think about healthcare expenses. Yet, healthcare expenditures increase dramatically for people age 65 and older. We’re talking an average of $12,411/year compared to $5,644/year for someone age 18-64.* Medicare helps, but it doesn’t cover all medical costs. And some medications and procedures may not be covered at all, leaving […] Tags:
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