• Dietary Guidelines: Keep on Cutting Added Sugars

    The Scientific Report of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee was released last week. Among the recommendations is to limit intake of added sugars to 6% of daily calories. This is a decrease from the 10% recommended in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Considering that an estimated 63 percent of Americans aren’t meeting the […] Tags:
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  • Sit Less, Move More when Working from Home

    COVID-19 has changed many people’s exercise habits. Some of us are getting outside more with the kids, taking walks, hiking, and cycling. Others miss the gym and group exercise classes, finding it hard to get motivated to move on our own. Even if you’re exercising regularly, it’s also important to sit less and move more […] Tags:
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  • COVID-19, Obesity, & Weight Loss

    The link between obesity and COVID-19 is scary. For people who’ve struggled with their weight for years, it might be a much-needed wake-up call. They may be ready to face the issue head-on, once and for all. So how can we help them succeed? If you’re working with a chronic dieter, chances are the scale […] Tags:
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  • Diabetes & COVID-19

    While having diabetes doesn’t make you more likely to catch the novel coronavirus, it does increase your chance of getting very sick if you do become infected. So how can we help people with diabetes who are anxious and afraid of COVID-19? The American Diabetes Association has lots of helpful, practical information: Be prepared. Take precautions. […] Tags:
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  • Diabetes & Fear

    When talking about diabetes, it’s tempting to spout statistics. The numbers are scary, but will hearing scary statistics over and over cause the average American to take action so that they don’t become a statistic? Or will it overwhelm and scare them into not doing anything at all? Of course, it’s important to get the […] Tags:
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