• Let’s Get People Moving!

    Exercise is so important to health, yet most Americans lead sedentary lives and only 20% of adults and adolescents meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Here are some ways you can promote physical activity to your clients, students, or employees: All ages benefit. From preschoolers to octagenarians, movement makes a difference. Tailor your message […] Tags:
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  • 45 is the New 50

    When it comes to screening for colorectal cancer (CRC), 45 is the new 50. That’s because CRC rates have increased for people under the age of 50, prompting experts to lower the recommended age to begin screening for those at average risk for the disease. As nutrition and health educators, we can teach diet- and […] Tags:
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  • Let’s Talk About Sleep!

    Nutrition and wellness educators talk a lot about eating right and staying active, but we can’t forget about the importance of sleep. Inadequate sleep is linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart disease, mental distress, and even early death. Here are some ways to incorporate some sleep education into […] Tags:
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  • Gentle Nudges to Healthy Change

    The American Psychological Association recently released the 2021 Stress in America poll. No surprise – the past year has been hard on us. The pandemic has had a negative impact on: Physical activity Weight Sleep Stress Alcohol intake Mental health As people get vaccinated and begin to think about life after COVID-19, many will be ready to […] Tags:
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  • Fruits & Veggies: Let the Games Begin

    With spring just around the corner, more fruits and vegetables will soon be in season. Plan now to get your clients or students engaged and excited about eating more fresh produce with our Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Kit. The Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Kit includes everything you need to run a friendly competition. There are […] Tags:
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  • Let the Games Begin!

    The Tokyo Olympic games begin later this month. Why not bring the Olympic spirit to your workplace, classes, or individual counseling sessions? The five Olympic Rings fit nicely with MyPlate’s five food groups. Here are some ways to turn your nutrition education into the MyPlate Olympics: Discuss MyPlate and the five food groups, one for […] Tags:
  • Two-Pronged Approach to Healthy Retirement

    When planning for retirement, most people don’t think about healthcare expenses. Yet, healthcare expenditures increase dramatically for people age 65 and older. We’re talking an average of $12,411/year compared to $5,644/year for someone age 18-64.* Medicare helps, but it doesn’t cover all medical costs. And some medications and procedures may not be covered at all, leaving […] Tags:
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  • Learn to Love Vegetables

    Americans do not have a good relationship with vegetables. Almost 90 percent of us don’t meet intake recommendations for vegetables (2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines). And even more of us fail to eat enough from the five vegetable subgroups: dark green; red and orange; beans, peas, and lentils; starchy; and other. Yet, plant-based eating is a hot […] Tags:
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  • How to Change Up a Step Challenge

    Step challenges appeal to kids and adults, making them a popular way to encourage people to be more active. Spring is a great time to start a 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge – everyone’s ready to get outside! Our 10K Steps theme has everything you need to run a step challenge in a school, workplace, […] Tags:
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  • Have Fun with Portion Control

    My sons recently offered to buy dinner for me and my husband. They were ordering from their favorite burrito place and asked what I wanted. When I chose the kids meal, they were dumbfounded. Why would you get the kids meal? It’s so small! (Even my husband was against it, albeit for a different reason: […] Tags:
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