Manage Your Mind

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, many people say, “I know what to do … I just don’t do it!”

We know we should fill half the plate with fruits and vegetables.

We know exercising is important.

We know water is healthier than sugary beverages.

When knowledge isn’t the issue, it’s time to look at things differently. It’s time to work on mind management!

How can you help your students or clients use mind management to achieve their nutrition, health, and fitness goals? You can start with the following messages, which are communicated through our motivational posters:

I Am motivational poster

  • Forgiving a setback: When you overindulge or skip a workout, acknowledge it and move on. Beating yourself up makes it harder to get back on track.
  • Not giving up: When you get discouraged, think about what’s going well for you. You may not be losing weight, but do you have more energy or feel more comfortable in your clothes?
  • Planning and working to success: Even if you know what to do, you need a plan and you need to keep working on it. A healthy lifestyle is a life-long process.

Mindful Eating poster

  • Why am I eating? Ask yourself this question when you reach for food or beverages. Take time to figure out if you’re truly hungry.
  • Enjoy the experience: Don’t rush through meals and snacks. Savor every bite. Slow down, put your food on a plate, sit down.

Keep a Healthy Mindset poster

  • I can do it: Positive, compassionate self-talk is key to mind management.
  • Never quit: Nobody is perfect; giving up is not an option.

By Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD


How Healthy is Your Mindset?

Having a healthy mindset is always important, but I think it’s been especially vital in helping us cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why I love this new motivational poster – Keep a Healthy Mindset.

A healthy mindset means taking a more holistic approach to the health of your body and your mind, so that you’re in a better position to overcome challenges and handle everyday adversity.

When you put the Keep a Healthy Mindset poster up in your office, hallway, classroom, or cafeteria, it will make people stop and consider their own mindset. How are they doing with the healthy habits listed? How is their mindset?

Here are some discussion points to go with the Keep a Healthy Mindset motivational poster:

  • Healthy habits foster a healthy mindset, and a healthy mindset fosters healthy habits.
    • Yes, it works both ways! You can’t have one without the other.
  • With a healthy mindset, you don’t forget about your health goals. You keep them in mind with everything you do.
    • Example: Omicron shut down your gym and you can no longer go to your favorite fitness class. With a healthy mindset, you remind yourself that exercise is important to you and you find an online class to attend.
  • With a healthy mindset, you don’t dwell on your mistakes or problems. You learn from them and move on.
    • Example: You created a meal plan for the week complete with recipes and a shopping list. It was a lot of work, but when you get to the store, key ingredients are out of stock. With a healthy mindset, you adjust quickly. Maybe you’ll just buy what you need for the next few days of meals and re-do your week’s plan when you get home.
  • Which of these healthy habits do you need to work on: drinking more water, avoiding sugar, positive self-talk, getting enough sleep, making a healthy plate, trying new healthy foods, or moving more?
    • Can you see how healthy habits (like getting enough sleep) can lead to other healthy habits (like having the energy to move more)? And all of this can then improve your mindset?

A healthy mindset is an appropriate concept to teach to adults or kids, individual clients or groups, in-person or virtually. It’s a message we all need to hear!

Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD