Fiber: More Than a Handful of Benefits

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your office, hallway, cafeteria, or waiting area for the new year? Start with our High Five to High Fiber poster.

Nobody can walk past this beautiful poster without stopping to take a closer look. When they do, they’ll see colorful photos of high fiber foods arranged in the shape of a hand giving a high five.

Why a high five? Because dietary fiber has more than a handful of health benefits. In fact, you can’t even count the number of benefits on one hand. A high fiber eating pattern is worthy of a high five!

Here are a few ways to expand on the High Five to High Fiber poster with your audience:

  • If you have a computer or TV nearby, play the 10-minute fiber movie that comes with with our Fiber DVD/CD set.
  • Offer a class or webinar using the Fiber PowerPoint show that includes speaker’s notes, a leader guide, handouts, and the 10-minute fiber movie.
  • Use the High Five to High Fiber poster as the center of a bulletin board display that also shouts out some of the benefits of dietary fiber and a high fiber eating pattern:
    • Blood sugar control
    • Cholesterol-lowering power for heart health
    • Weight loss/weight maintenance aid
    • Foundation for a Mediterranean-style or plant-based eating pattern
    • Gut health and regularity
    • Saves money when you eat more beans and lentils instead of meat

Educating your clients, students, or employees about a high fiber eating pattern puts a healthy eating strategy right into their hands!

By Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD


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updated on 09-23-2023