MyPlate Coloring Page

Today is your lucky day!

To celebrate the release of the brand-new MyPlate Coloring Book, I want to share a page from that book with you, for free!

You see, coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. Emerging studies indicate that coloring could help reduce stress in adults as well as children. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Of course, I couldn’t leave things there. As soon as I learned about the possible health benefits of coloring, I began to brainstorm ways to sneak a few lessons about wellness and healthy eating patterns into my coloring pages. Before I knew it, the MyPlate Coloring Book was born. With patterns intricate enough to be fun to color, and an added dash of simple and memorable health lessons on each page, this book is sure to be fun for all ages!

And now, without further ado, here is the free page from the MyPlate coloring book! How will you use your copy?

MyPlate Coloring Page

Remember, there’s always more in the Nutrition Education Store! Check out these fantastic MyPlate resources…

My Plate Coloring Book

MyPlate PowerPoint and Handout Set

My Plate Banner and Stand

Diabetes Education – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When it comes to nutrition education, one size doesn’t fit all. This is especially true for teaching people about diabetes.

As educators, we have to think about who we’re teaching:

  • Are they newly-diagnosed?
    • There’s a lot to learn.
    • They may be in denial, scared, motivated, overwhelmed, or all of the above.
  • Are they “veteran” patients?
    • They may think they know everything, but their numbers show otherwise.
    • Good habits can slip during times of stress (or a pandemic).
    • There’s always something new to learn.
  • Do they have pre-diabetes?
    • They may be motivated to do what they can to avoid or delay diabetes.
  • Are they caregivers or family members of someone who has diabetes?
    • They may want to learn all they can to help their loved one.
    • They may resent having to make changes to accommodate the person with diabetes.

We also have to consider things like motivation level and learning style. So you can see that one size definitely does not fit all!

Our 12 Lessons of Diabetes Program can help. We’ve put together a dozen PowerPoint presentations that can be used in different ways depending on who you’re teaching and what they need to learn. The 12 topics are:

  1. Diabetes basics
  2. Goal setting
  3. Know your numbers (A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol)
  4. Weight management
  5. Exercise
  6. Healthy eating
  7. Importance of breakfast
  8. Diabetes plate
  9. Carb counting and label reading
  10. Food shopping
  11. Snacks
  12. Sugar substitutes

You could use the program to offer a 12-part series. By the end, your clients will learn everything they need to live a healthy life with diabetes. Presenting information in “chunks” makes it less overwhelming. In between sessions, there’s time to digest the information and put it to use in the real world.

For clients who don’t need the entire program, you can pick and choose which sessions will be most beneficial. If they are resistant to learning, letting them choose what to cover might help.

Most importantly, the information in our 12 Lessons is always presented in a light-hearted, positive, and supportive way.

Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD

School’s Out!

School’s out for summer, but kids can’t afford to take a break from healthy eating and staying active. Remind them to be active for 60 minutes a day and eat the MyPlate way with our MyPlate Kids and Physical Activity materials.

The MyPlate Kids Activity poster shows the many ways to get moving for 60 minutes every day, from stretching to walking the dog to playing a sport and more. There’s bound to be something that appeals to every child and inspires them to be active.

With the MyPlate graphic front and center, our materials will also remind kids to make each meal balanced, starting with plenty of high-fiber, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

If you’re at a health fair, in the classroom, or anywhere with kids, try one of these activities to get them moving, having fun, and learning:

  • Put a colored dot on one side of small index cards, using the MyPlate colors (red, orange, green, purple, and blue). Turn the cards over so no one can see the colored dots. Let kids pick an index card to see what color they got. Then ask a series of questions, depending on their age and how much time you have. For example, if they pick red:
    • What foods are in the red group? Answer: Fruit.
    • What is your favorite fruit? Answer: Apples.
    • What does the word apple start with? Answer: A.
    • “Pretend your finger is a pencil and draw a huge A in the air.”
  • For older kids, do the above activity, but have them “spell” out the whole name of the food. For fun, change it up – “pretend your foot/elbow/nose/knee is a pencil and draw a huge A in the air.”
  • Write a variety of activities on index cards (different sports, running, jumping rope, hopping on one foot, etc). Each child picks an index card and does that activity in place (pretend to swing a bat, throw a ball, hop, etc).

Kids who participate can take home a Kids Activity and MyPlate bookmark to remind them to stay active and eat right all summer long.

Free Nutrition Handout Program

Could you use a few more nutrition education handouts in your repertoire? Are you looking for ways to help your clients learn how to cook healthfully? Would you like to take a fresh look at key health topics? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above (and honestly, even if you didn’t), then you’ll love this post! Why? Because today we’re announcing the start of a new free nutrition handout program. For absolutely no cost, you can download 10 brand-new handouts and distribute them as you see fit!

The first 5 handouts cover key cooking lessons for healthful meal preparation. Sometimes the hardest thing about making lifestyle changes to improve health can be figuring out where to start. These handouts address that issue by offering fun and accessible ways to prepare healthful meals. The 5 free cooking handouts cover…

  • Brown Rice
  • Easy Grilled Dinner
  • Fresh Pasta Sauce
  • Oatmeal
  • Steamed Vegetables

Each handout divides the preparation process into 3 easy steps and offers a discussion about why these foods are good for health. Free Handout Header Of course, that’s not all! There are 5 other free handouts that you can download in the same program. The first of the remaining nutrition handouts is all about MyPlate. It covers all 5 food groups, as well as the reasons why people can use MyPlate for good health. It even reviews strategies for getting started with MyPlate. This free MyPlate handout is versatile, colorful, and packed with great advice. MyPlate Handout There’s also a free version of our popular 7 Simple Steps handout. This great guide offers 7 ways that people can reduce their calorie intake. Each step is simple and supported by calculations of just how many calories a person would save/burn by following that advice over the course of a year. Last Free Handout   That’s not all! We made a guide to healthful shopping too! This handout has a list of key foods for good health and a balanced diet. Then it takes things to the next level with a list of 10 simple meal ideas. Your clients will love this one! Shopping List Of course, we don’t stop there! Check out this wonderful nutrition handout that’s just for kids! This page simplifies the key messages of MyPlate and uses fun games and word scrambles to make key points. What a great way to make learning fun! Kids NutritionAnd finally, last but certainly not least, is a free diabetes handout. Communicate the key messages of successfully managing diabetes with a single simple handout. This page covers A1C levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and a guide to living healthfully with diabetes. What’s not to love? Free Diabetes Handout So, 10 great handouts, all for free! What do you say? Get more information or download the handouts today! Plus, there are tons of great handouts in the Nutrition Education Store. Check out these popular options!

MyPlate Handout Tearpad

Scale Down Your Portions Handout

Way to Eat with Diabetes Guide

How Much Fat is in That? Handouts

New Nutrition Facts Label Display

There are lots of brand-new resources to help you teach your clients all about how to use the brand-new, just-released-this-week Nutrition Facts label! Here is a fun way to turn these materials into an educational display that will communicate key messages to your audience.

Wellness fair Booth

  • Combine this new Nutrition Facts Poster with an Educational Handout in a bulletin board display. This is a great way to decorate your office or classroom with timely and educational materials. You could also put the poster onto a Tabletop Easel at your next wellness fair booth.
  • The new Nutrition Facts Poster has a list of activities you can do with the food label in order to help consumers practice their newly gained knowledge.
  • Speaking of wellness fair booths, this 48″ by 36″ Nutrition Label Vinyl Banner would be a great way to add a pop of color and key lessons to the front of your table. Or you could try the matching Banner and Stand as a way to communicate this vital information. Make the entrance more dramatic to your wellness fair display with a food label floor sticker!
  • These colorful and creative Nutrition Facts Stickers and Nutrition Facts Bookmarks offer a fun way to teach your audience about the new label in a less formal setting. With memorable information presented in a bright and engaging way, these resources are so much more than just pretty prizes.
  • You can combine all of the materials above into a fantastic display, which you can use at health and wellness fairs or as decoration in places like break rooms and cafeterias.

Nutrition Facts Label Banner

If you’d like to do an interactive activity, these resources can help you too! For example, you could have people bring in the Nutrition Facts label for one of their favorite foods. While the changes won’t be required until 2018, manufacturers will be rolling out the new labels and your participants will be reading both styles in the store so a variety is welcome. Distribute the Nutrition Facts Handout or put up a copy of the Nutrition Facts Poster or Vinyl Banner and have people write down how the information from their panel would be presented in the new panel. What information is missing? How could those details inform healthful choices? What information is more prominent on the new label? How might that affect their assessment of the food? Discuss their impressions, offering Nutrition Facts Stickers and Nutrition Facts Bookmarks as prizes for participation or insight.

Wellness fair Booth

View the New Food Label Poster, banners, tearpad handouts, bookmark, stickers and more here:newfoodlabel-poster

Best Nutrition Education PowerPoints

Putting together a presentation is hard work, isn’t it?

You have to research your topic, organize the ideas, communicate your points in a clear and compelling way, and even set up graphics, pictures, charts, and/or tables. Not to mention creating any coordinating activities or brainstorming questions for a follow-up discussion. There’s a lot to do!

Does making a presentation have to be so hard?


Let us do the work for you! The Food and Health Communications team is full of experts in research, art, writing, and communication. Each contributor is a wizard at outlining the latest nutrition and health data to make engaging and informative presentations. We work together to save you time, building presentations that will be sure to reach your audience and communicate the messages that you value most.

The PowerPoints in the Nutrition Education Store are some of our best-selling nutrition education materials. And there’s no question as to why — the presentations are exactly what our subscribers need.

Take this rave review from Shirley M. Winslett, RD, LD, at Owatonna Hospital as an example. “The presentation went great. I can’t tell you how much time this power point saved me. Thank you again for having a wonderful power point. Have a wonderful day!”

Right now, 5 great PowerPoints are outselling all the rest. If you’re looking for a great nutrition or wellness presentation, one of these might be a perfect place to start!

Top Nutrition PowerPoint #5 Gluten-Free Guide to Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten Free PowerPointIn this new Gluten-Free PowerPoint presentation and handout set, patients who have gluten sensitivities — including wheat allergies, celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity — will learn the ins and outs of living with their disease.

A diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can be overwhelming, and though there are more gluten-free products on the market these days, navigating the grocery store and making healthful choices can still be difficult.

This presentation is organized into the following sections…

  • What is Gluten Sensitivity?
  • Types of Gluten Sensitivities
  • Gluten and Health Statistics
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis
  • What Foods Contain Gluten?
  • Gluten-Free Cooking and Dining Tips
  • Gluten-Free Meal Ideas
  • Resources for More Information
  • Quiz

What are you waiting for? Check out the Gluten-Free PowerPoint today!

Top Nutrition PowerPoint #4: MyPlate

This presentation is actually 3 shows in one!

The package features 3 PowerPoint presentations that can be used either individually or in conjunction with one another. Plus, the presentation set comes with handouts that you can copy and distribute too.

The 1st PowerPoint in the bundle is the Comprehensive MyPlate show. With over 70 slides (illustrated and with speaker’s notes), this presentation looks at the history of USDA food graphics, the basics of MyPlate, and how to cook and eat according to MyPlate’s advice. This show takes an in-depth look at each of the 5 MyPlate food groups and offers a wide variety of approaches to filling any plate healthfully.

The 2nd PowerPoint in the bundle is the Express MyPlate show, which is a shortened version of the comprehensive edition. This presentation weighs in at 30 slides and features the absolute key points of MyPlate and health.

The 3rd PowerPoint in the bundle has only 15 slides. This Kindergarten Plate presentation is a short but fun PowerPoint show for kids. It’s designed with kids in mind, featuring strategies that will help keep them engaged.

Are you ready to rock MyPlate? Then download your copy now!

Top Nutrition PowerPoint #3: Sports Nutrition Basics

Use the shows and handouts in this presentation package to educate coaches, parents, and/or kids about how to eat and drink smart for maximum athletic performance.

The program is divided into 3 parts: 2 presentations and 1 15-page handout set.

  • Coaches Show: This advanced show was designed for coaches and college/adult athletes. It features over 40 PowerPoint slides and 20 color overheads.
  • Kid Show: This is a simple, fun show for kids. It has 30+ PowerPoint slides and 20 color overheads.
  • Handouts: These handouts will help athletes remember the important messages, like what to eat for solid training, what to do before an event, and the importance of a high-quality diet.

So, are you or your clients looking for ways to improve athletic performance? Then this is the show for you!

Buy the Sports Nutrition PowerPoint program today!

Top Nutrition PowerPoint #2: Heart-Healthy Cooking

We’re especially proud of this one. With gorgeous photos, simple recipes, and clever strategies, this show offers a wide variety of ways to cook  and eat healthfully. Yes, this program is chock-full of great advice, from ways to make small substitutions and use smart preparation methods to a guide to exactly which foods promote heart health.

One of the most popular aspects of this show are the meal makeovers. For a makeover, we apply the key lessons from the show to typical foods that people cook or order. The results are engaging, creative, and surprising. These makeovers feature before and after photos, along with an outline of the nutrition outcomes of these strategies. Participants can find ways to save 25-50% on calories, fat, and sodium when they employ these strategies.

The heart-healthy cooking presentation also features a sample menu and shopping list.

All this is above and beyond the key cooking facts and strategies featured in this show. The Heart-Healthy Cooking PowerPoint focuses on three different ways to reduce the “bad” fats that can do so much damage to your heart and arteries. It also explains how to reduce sugar and sodium in ways that don’t compromise the flavor or texture of a dish. These modifications are so easy and tasty that no one will ever know that a modified recipe is actually healthful!

Pick up your copy of the Heart-Healthy Cooking PowerPoint presentation today!

Top Nutrition PowerPoint #1: Nutrition Bootcamp

Nutrition Bootcamp PowerPointSo which PowerPoint is the fairest of them all?

The Nutrition Bootcamp! The most popular presentation in the store, the Nutrition Bootcamp PowerPoint takes a comprehensive look at the nuts and bolts of nutrition.

This bootcamp has it all, with 125 slides that are chock-full of the latest scientific information and research. There are detailed speaker’s notes and additional handouts that accompany the presentation, which makes the whole thing much less daunting.

This presentation has 11 sections, including…

  • Nutrition Introduction: What Nourishes You?
  • Carbohydrates: Which Are Healthful?
  • Fats: When and Why?
  • Protein: Variety is the Spice of Life
  • Vitamins and Minerals: The Basics
  • Converting Food to Energy: How Does It Work?
  • Assessing the State of America’s Plate
  • MyPlate and the USDA Dietary Guidelines
  • Food Labels and Health Claims
  • Beverages: Which Aren’t Healthful?
  • Newtrients and Trends

These sections are full of great photos, illustrations, charts, graphs, and infographics. There are fun quizzes and interesting facts. Plus, the show features plenty of great tips and tricks for a healthful lifestyle. What more could any nutrition educator want?

Get the Nutrition Bootcamp PowerPoint today!

Top Nutrition Education Posters

Nothing brightens up a space better than a poster, and the posters at the Nutrition Education Store are the best in the business. With colorful pictures and creative text, these posters make it easy to educate your clients in a way that they’ll actually remember.

In fact, one of our customers outlined the benefits of nutrition education posters far better than we could. Doug Barg of Kitchen Cred wrote “We’ve hung [your posters] all over to help transform what was a fairly dingy basement into a warm and educational environment. The posters have been a great resource pedagogically both as primary teaching tools and as ongoing reinforcement.  And even when we’re not paying attention to the specific content, they are visually pleasing. Thanks!”

Now, which poster is best for your audience?

If you’re teaching a workshop on healthful cooking, food art or recipe posters may be the most helpful, and if you’re doing a seminar on diabetes, a diabetes poster would probably be your best bet, but if you’re just looking to brighten up a space or teach some key health lessons, then you have a lot of options. Check out this list of the top 5 posters that we sell in the store. These 5 posters are the most popular and well-reviewed posters we have.

The question is, which will you get?

Poster #5: MyPlate for Kids

This poster takes the lessons of MyPlate and makes them even easier to understand and remember. With it, you can show kids how they can fill their plates with healthful choices from each food group. This poster is full of phrases and images that will appeal especially to kids. Plus, the illustrations show only healthful foods from each group, coming together to make each plate a winner. It’s also chock-full of tips to help kids get the proper amounts of MyPlate food choices each day. Use this USDA MyPlate poster in your classroom, on a bulletin board, or at wellness fairs.

Debbi Kennedy author of Ditch the Drive-Thru raves, “Just got my posters and they are fantastic!! Can’t wait to hang them up at my classes! So eye catching and very easy to understand… LOVE them! I will definitely be ordering more at the end of the month. Thanx so much!”

Order your copy of the MyPlate for Kids poster today!

Poster #4: Exam Room MyPlate Poster

The lessons of MyPlate aren’t just for kids. In this condensed and simple poster, the keys to healthful eating are clearly outlined, then supported with creative art. Instead of text and drawings, the portions and proportions advocated by MyPlate are represented primarily through photographs. This makes eyeballing balanced portions a snap!

The USDA’s MyPlate is prominently featured on the poster, offering new ways to put a meal together without a complex formula.

This nutrition poster is useful not only because it supports the key message of balancing food groups, but also because it only features heart-healthy, nutrient-rich foods in each category. When creating this poster, we didn’t have to add processed foods and could rely on the latest science-based information, because Food and Health Communications is not supported by big industry advertising.

Get the Exam Room MyPlate Poster now!

Poster #3: 12 Nutrition Posters Value Set

Ha ha, you caught us — this one isn’t a single poster. Nevertheless, this value set outsells all but 2 posters in the store, so we think it has a well-deserved spot on this list.

The 12 posters featured in this set include:

This poster set is so useful that it has already been featured in a previous post on this blog: The Perfect Curriculum for Nutrition Education. Check out that post to discover why each poster was chosen for the set and see what health messages each option communicates.

Own the 12 Nutrition Posters Value Set yourself!

Poster #2: MyPlate Poster

What’s that? MyPlate again? Well, this classic poster is one of the most popular we’ve ever made. It’s perfect for a wide range of occasions, and its attractive design communicates the most important health messages clearly and effectively.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this rave review from Karen Newton, Program Manager at West Virginia University Cooperative Extension “Thanks! Your MyPlate poster just arrived and it looks great! It is already posted on the hallway for all to see.”

Marla Hill, RD, CD, adds her praise as well, explaining, “many of the posters from Nutrition Education Store are colorful, interesting to the eye, and fun to look at. They are a real draw to a booth, especially in this instance where English skills may be limited for some. Thank you for providing such cost effective and well done posters.”

Purchase a MyPlate Poster today!

Poster #1: Fall in Love with Salad

Here it is — the top selling poster in the Nutrition Education Store. Who would have guessed that salad would be at the front of the line? Well, it turns out that salad, though a healthful nutrition powerhouse, is sometimes a hard sell. Make it easier with this health poster!

Why should people eat salad? Well, eating salad is a great way to get enough veggies, an even better way to consume fewer calories, and a downright amazing way to get more nutrients and fiber! This poster lists 6 salad lover tips, 3 reasons to love salads, and a guide to spicing up your salad.

Of course, if you’d like to offer a more comprehensive look at healthful salads that are both simple and tasty, check out the book Salad Secrets. It comes with multiple photos per recipe, a PowerPoint show about the benefits of salad, and a bonus salad eBook.

Pick up a Fall in Love with Salad poster right now!

So that’s it. The top 5 posters in the Nutrition Education Store. Were you surprised by the results? Which posters will you choose?

Stop Burning the Midnight Oil!

Newsletters have managed to stay relevant, engaging, and creative since their humble beginnings in the 1500s. But do you have the resources you need in order to craft the best nutrition newsletters for your audience? Can you fit one more thing into your day?

Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

Instead of spending time creating and curating your very own nutrition newsletter, let us do it for you! Our team of dietitians, doctors, chefs, editors, and researchers comes together to craft the best resources in town. Everything is based solely on scientific evidence and it’s all put into clear and positive messages that are easy to understand.

With a team like that, why burn the midnight oil? These specialty newsletter services will help you give your clients the tools they need to succeed. And when they’re achieving their goals, you’ll look great. Plus, with us taking care of your newsletters, you’ll have more time to develop strategies to grow your customer base.

Did we mention that you’d still have total editorial control? With the custom newsletter program, you can always edit and add to the newsletters as you see fit, making them your own. This will take a fraction of the time you would need to devote to making the whole thing from scratch.

So why wait? Get the tools you need today!

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