Stop Burning the Midnight Oil!

Newsletters have managed to stay relevant, engaging, and creative since their humble beginnings in the 1500s. But do you have the resources you need in order to craft the best nutrition newsletters for your audience? Can you fit one more thing into your day?

Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

Instead of spending time creating and curating your very own nutrition newsletter, let us do it for you! Our team of dietitians, doctors, chefs, editors, and researchers comes together to craft the best resources in town. Everything is based solely on scientific evidence and it’s all put into clear and positive messages that are easy to understand.

With a team like that, why burn the midnight oil? These specialty newsletter services will help you give your clients the tools they need to succeed. And when they’re achieving their goals, you’ll look great. Plus, with us taking care of your newsletters, you’ll have more time to develop strategies to grow your customer base.

Did we mention that you’d still have total editorial control? With the custom newsletter program, you can always edit and add to the newsletters as you see fit, making them your own. This will take a fraction of the time you would need to devote to making the whole thing from scratch.

So why wait? Get the tools you need today!

Want to hear more? Well, it’s pretty simple…

Email Your Own Newsletter … Or Let Us Do It:

Don’t have a team? Use ours! That’s why our new email marketing and custom newsletter service has just launched. With a team like ours, why should you burn the midnight oil? The specialty newsletter services will help you give your clients the tools they need to succeed. And when they’re achieving their goals, you’ll look great.

We have all different levels of service, from do-it-yourself to full-service custom newsletters.

If You Just Need a Content Boost, We Have That Too!

Already working on your own materials and just need a little help with articles and handouts? Copy from us! That’s right — you can get your own license to copy our our materials by becoming a member of the  Communicating Food for Health Newsletter and Membership Program. With this program, you’ll receive a newsletter with the latest research and professional updates. You’ll also get lots of handouts and articles that you can use in all your communications. There is a whole library that you can draw from in order to get exactly the materials you need.


Preview It For Yourself!

For a limited time, we’re making the January 2014 edition of our award-winning newsletter from our private member library available to everyone. Download your copy today!

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