• Spring Has Sprung!

    Spring is in the air! Farmers markets are opening back up. We’re moving on from hearty soups and stews and looking forward to light, fresh salads and grilled vegetables. Now is the time to plan some education and engagement to get your clients, students, or employees excited about the new bounty of healthy produce that […] Tags:
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  • 5 Steps to a Healthy Dietary Pattern

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do away with the word diet and replace it with healthy dietary pattern? Rather than focusing on individual nutrients, foods, or food groups in isolation, a dietary pattern refers to what we eat and drink over time and how this affects our health. The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for […] Tags:
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  • Fruits & Veggies: Let the Games Begin

    With spring just around the corner, more fruits and vegetables will soon be in season. Plan now to get your clients or students engaged and excited about eating more fresh produce with our Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Kit. The Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Kit includes everything you need to run a friendly competition. There are […] Tags:
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  • 5-Step Breakfast Challenge

    Breakfast made a resurgence last year, when working and learning from home gave us more time to prepare and eat this morning meal. This trend is expected to continue. FoodNetwork.com declares that “breakfast at home is back” in 2021, going on to give examples of new food products like Cinnabon’s CinnaBiscuit Chicken Sandwich and Jimmy […] Tags:
  • A Cure for COVID Cooking Fatigue

    Raise your hand if you have COVID cooking fatigue! I confess to recurring bouts with this condition. From what I see on social media and in the news, I’m not alone. What can you do? Buy prepared foods at the supermarket…order carry-out from local restaurants…pay for a meal delivery service. But these options aren’t always […] Tags:
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