• How NOT to thaw that turkey

    If you’ve followed my posts you know that I’ve worked for the Cooperative Extension System for almost 40 years.  I remember when the phone rang-off-the-hook this time of year with various questions about thawing and cooking that Thanksgiving turkey. Calls to the office have lightened with telephone “help” hotlines and the internet, but the unique […] Tags:
  • Early November Checklist

    As we move into the month of November, our minds start thinking about Thanksgiving and all the related foods and details that need planning. Here are a couple things to think about early this month. https://news.nutritioneducationstore.com/thinking-about-turkey/ Is there room in your refrigerator for that turkey you’re going to thaw? It takes 24 hours for each […] Tags:
  • Healthful Holiday Substitutions

    It’s totally possible to have healthful and fun holiday celebrations. Just don’t eat everything in sight. I know this seems like a no-brainer, but the holidays are all about balance. Overindulgence is the actual pitfall. What got me thinking about this? Well, I’ve seen several Facebook posts this past week about cookie baking. Two different […] Tags:
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  • Lean Protein Spotlight: Turkey

    The other day, I roasted a 15-pound turkey, but I was only serving two people. What was I thinking? Actually it’s a simple answer. Before Thanksgiving last year, our grocery store offered whole turkeys at $0.37 per pound if you bought $35 worth of groceries. I had to take them up on that deal, which meant that […] Tags:
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  • The butter dish is empty

    We haven’t had butter in our house for over eight months.  We’ve made a conscious effort to do this. It all started while reading and learning about the Mediterranean Diet.   Traditionally people that live in this region of the world eat lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, more fish, nuts, beans, seeds and olive […] Tags:
  • Blowing out the candles

    This may seem gross…but have you ever thought about germs from people blowing out birthday candles? Or worse yet, accidentally spitting on a birthday cake while blowing out the candles. Researchers from Clemson looked at this topic and published in the Journal of Food Research.  Their research shows that blowing out candles on a birthday […] Tags:
  • Germy Water Bottles

    Many people are conscientiously carrying refillable water bottles.  One key positive here is that drinking water  on a regular basis gives the  body the fluid it needs to keep itself healthy https://news.nutritioneducationstore.com/hydrate-for-health/.  Also using a refillable bottle helps keep more waste from plastic water bottles out of the trash. There’s also the cost savings of […] Tags:
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  • Shellfish Safety

    There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t eat oysters in months that don’t have an “R” in them? That would be May, June, July and August. The idea behind this may have originally been sound.  These months are summer months when coastal waters where shellfish are harvested are warmer and the risk for bacterial growth […] Tags:
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  • Nuts in Your Gym Bag

    I’ve been teaching about healthy eating for a long time. I can remember back when the commonly accepted recommendation was to cut out nuts due to the amount of fats and calories. We’re not saying this anymore. I probably don’t really need to talk most people into eating nuts. This is a fairly easy sell […] Tags:
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  • Eat Eggs—No Yolking!

    Earlier this year I posted an Egghead Quiz.  We love to hear from readers about our posts and this one got lots of responses. One reader indicated she wished I had also addressed eating egg whites vs the whole egg.  This got me thinking and doing some additional research in this area. Like many of […] Tags:
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