• Sit Less, Move More when Working from Home

    COVID-19 has changed many people’s exercise habits. Some of us are getting outside more with the kids, taking walks, hiking, and cycling. Others miss the gym and group exercise classes, finding it hard to get motivated to move on our own. Even if you’re exercising regularly, it’s also important to sit less and move more […] Tags:
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  • Nutrition Education in the COVID-19 Era

    What does nutrition and health education look like in the COVID-19 era? People want to know how to … Stay healthy, boost their immune system, and reduce their chance of catching the virus. Prevent or manage chronic diseases, like diabetes, that can lead to serious COVID-19 complications. Save money at the supermarket and cook healthy […] Tags:
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  • COVID-19, Obesity, & Weight Loss

    The link between obesity and COVID-19 is scary. For people who’ve struggled with their weight for years, it might be a much-needed wake-up call. They may be ready to face the issue head-on, once and for all. So how can we help them succeed? If you’re working with a chronic dieter, chances are the scale […] Tags:
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  • Shop from your freezer

    Not wanting to go to the grocery store and have more time at home to cook than usual? Looking for meals you can cook for dinner from what’s already in your house? It’s time to shop from your freezer. Do you really know what’s in there? Take the time to pull things out and make […] Tags:
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  • Diabetes & COVID-19

    While having diabetes doesn’t make you more likely to catch the novel coronavirus, it does increase your chance of getting very sick if you do become infected. So how can we help people with diabetes who are anxious and afraid of COVID-19? The American Diabetes Association has lots of helpful, practical information: Be prepared. Take precautions. […] Tags:
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