• Have Some Fun with Plant Slant

    There’s something about a rhyme that gets people’s attention. That’s why we love the catchy title of our newest materials for teaching the benefits of a plant-based diet—Plant Slant! Plant Slant posters and banners use a colorful and simple illustration to proclaim the benefits of eating a plant-based dietary pattern with MORE vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, […] Tags:
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  • Butter Beans

    If you’re not from the south, you may not be familiar with the vegetable known as a “butter bean”. Technically they are what other parts of the nation call lima beans and belong to that genus and species Phaseolus lunatusis. They are sometimes called sieve beans, calico beans or Madagascar beans. But, most frequently in […] Tags:
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  • Keeping it Basic for the Overwhelmed Patient with Diabetes

    Learning that you have diabetes can be overwhelming. There’s blood sugar monitoring and new medication, a new meal plan or carb counting, and possibly insulin. That’s a lot to deal with! Some patients panic, others go into denial, and some do both. The patient’s spouse or caregiver may also experience these feelings. The Way to […] Tags:

  • Treat it like meat

    Wash your hands before and after handling. Avoid cross contamination. Cook thoroughly. What am I talking about?  Believe or not….flour. Generally we don’t  think of flour as a “risky” food, but some food safety specialists are now suggesting that we start treating flour like we would raw meat.  There have been several recalls within the […] Tags:
  • Make Your Salad a Rainbow

    There are many different ways to tell people to eat more fruits and vegetables. You might say eat a plant-based diet or eat more colorful foods or eat foods that grow. But with our new Make Your Salad a Rainbow poster, the picture says it all by showcasing the natural beauty and colors of fruits […] Tags:
  • Is that a girl pepper?

    As educators, it seems like one of our major jobs these days is helping people sort out the truth from the myth and misinformation on the web. Sometimes these articles and memes sound like they might be true and then then next thing you know everyone’s talking about it and then everyone believes it. Perhaps […] Tags:
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  • Buying Pineapple

    The other day I was at the grocery store and there was a pile of pineapples at a very good price. I picked one up and thought to myself “what do I know about buying pineapple?”  I seemed to remember something about the leaves pulling out—but is that bad or good?  I just grabbed one […] Tags:
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  • Choose Water

    When it’s hot and humid, it’s time to remind people to drink plenty of water. Our Choose Water bookmarks and wristbands are perfect for this! Put them in a basket on your desk so whoever comes by can take the message home with them. Here are a few more fun ways to nudge people towards […] Tags:
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  • Do the Calorie Math

    Paleo, keto, low carb, Mediterranean – no matter the diet, it still comes down to math. Calorie math, that is! And our new Calorie Math poster has something for you to show everyone. For the Counter who asks, “So how many calories should I eat?” The Calorie Math poster lists average daily calorie requirements based […] Tags:
  • SIX Healthy Tips for July 4th

    It must be “human nature” but even those who do a good job of healthy eating at other times seem to resort back to “traditional” foods on holidays. These foods are typically chocked full of empty calories, fats and sugars. Rethinking the menu and “tweaking” your shopping list a little can take your 4th of […] Tags:
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