• Fight COVID Fatigue

    COVID fatigue – we all have it to some degree. But with flu season approaching and kids going back to school, this is no time to let up. We can fight COVID fatigue by reminding our students, employees, clients (and ourselves) to take basic precautions, just like we did at the beginning of this crisis. […] Tags:
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  • Plan Now for the Holidays

    We’re about nine weeks away from Halloween and the start of the holiday eating season. Like always, we want to help people handle the holidays without gaining weight or giving up on healthy habits. But this year, there’s a catch – the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 will add to the stress of the holidays, making it even […]
  • More Cooking Demo Ideas

    Last week, we explored ideas for MyPlate cooking demos that you can do on Zoom, Facebook, or YouTube (if you missed it, click here). But we can’t talk about food demos without mentioning our Cooking Demo Ideas Book & CD, which has more than 300 pages and 30+ lessons on topics like fiber, heart health, portion […] Tags:
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  • Food Shopping During a Pandemic

    You may not be able to take your clients on a supermarket tour, but we have the next best thing. Use our 6 Grocery Shopping PowerPoint Tour Guides to hold virtual food shopping workshops. This kit contains PowerPoint shopping lessons for every audience: MyPlate Interactive Shopping Tour Shopping Smart for Diabetes Shopping Smart for the Heart Shopping […] Tags:
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  • Dietary Guidelines: Keep on Cutting Added Sugars

    The Scientific Report of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee was released last week. Among the recommendations is to limit intake of added sugars to 6% of daily calories. This is a decrease from the 10% recommended in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Considering that an estimated 63 percent of Americans aren’t meeting the […] Tags:
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