• J is for Jicama

    Jicama is a fun vegetable that’s worth getting to know. It looks like a big flattened potato with brown bark-like skin.  The “j” in jicama is pronounced like an “h”– (HEE-kah-ma). It is native to Mexico and is sometimes called a Mexican potato, Mexican turnip or a yam bean. Technically jicama is a legume and […] Tags:
  • Got Gas?

    Beans are frequently touted as a great source of low-fat protein along with fiber.  But, many people have an embarrassing problem with beans.  This is one of those topics people don’t talk about…..gas. One specific sugar in beans —oligosaccharide—tends to be the culprit. It’s just not broken down and absorbed like other sugars.  When beans […] Tags:
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  • When Does Small = Big?

    When it comes to weight loss, small equals big. That is, losing a relatively small amount of weight can bring big health benefits. This is exactly what our Lose 10% Poster teaches – modest weight loss can lead to improvements in: Energy level Physical mobility General mood Self-confidence Blood pressure Blood cholesterol Blood sugar This […] Tags:
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  • Have You Seen Our Salad Mandala?!

    Have you seen our Salad Mandalas? Yes, you read that right – but you have to see it to believe it, so take a look at the bottom of this page and then read on! We know you’ll love these beautiful works of art as much as we do! Eye-catching and discussion-generating, they will brighten […] Tags:
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  • Be ready for power outages

    I live in an area that may be affected by hurricanes. So, it’s time for us to seriously think about preparing for storms and getting our emergency checklist ready. Even if you don’t live in a hurricane zone there may be other weather situations that may cause power outages and potential food safety problems associated […] Tags:
  • Everybody Needs a Break

    We need to give people a break. A break from pop-up ads proclaiming the latest miracle food. A break from digital billboards along the highway that alternate between sculpted bodies selling gym memberships and McDonald’s French fries. A break from commercials and spam telling them what to eat and what not to eat. Give them […] Tags:
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  • Teach the Facts: Microbiome & Gut Health

    Gut health and microbiome are hot topics that go together. Like most hot topics, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Teach your audience the facts with our Microbiome and Gut Health PowerPoint show. Our presentation covers all the basics, answering the questions your clients are asking: What exactly is the microbiome? What factors affect the […] Tags:
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  • Exercising at Home to Stop Prediabetes

    Physical activity is one of the keys to fighting prediabetes. Our Prediabetes Exercise poster outlines a three-prong approach based on recommendations from the American Diabetes Association. It seems simple enough: exercise for 150 minutes per week, throw in some strength training, and don’t sit too much. But for many folks, just the thought of working […] Tags:
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  • Start September with Meal Planning

    There’s something about September that makes people feel refreshed and ready to start something new. This makes it the perfect time to talk about menu planning. Use our Menu Planning handout to show your clients the benefits of planning ahead. Here are the benefits of planning meals ahead of time: Your healthy eating plan is […]
  • Is that a girl pepper?

    As educators, it seems like one of our major jobs these days is helping people sort out the truth from the myth and misinformation on the web. Sometimes these articles and memes sound like they might be true and then then next thing you know everyone’s talking about it and then everyone believes it. Perhaps […] Tags:
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