Step Up to the Plate

MyPlate is a valuable tool when teaching about healthy eating patterns. But what if your students or clients forget about it as soon as they walk out the door? Give them a real MyPlate to use at home!

We have a large assortment of portion-perfect plates with MyPlate printed right on them. These plates are perfect for taking the message of healthy eating from the office or classroom to the place where people eat most of their meals – the home!

Who can benefit from these MyPlate plates?

  • Dieters who become frustrated when they can’t stick to the latest fad diet. They’ll be relieved to know that healthy eating means putting something from every food group onto the plate.
  • Patients with heart disease or diabetes. Following a meal pattern is easier when you have a visual-aid like the real MyPlate.
  • People with health conditions that affect appetite. Ensure you’re getting a variety of nutrients by putting small amounts of food on the MyPlate.
  • Parents who want to teach their kids to follow a healthy eating pattern. The real MyPlate makes it fun!
  • Older folks who need a reminder to eat balanced meals. They’ll be able to see what food group is missing from their meals.

Everyone could use a real MyPlate in their kitchen cupboard!

Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD

Plates Have Arrived for 2018

The new plates are here!

Portion control – while MyPlate is a fascinating and effective way to teach food groups and a balanced diet some people want a lesson that is more geared to portion control and weight loss. The new portion control plates were designed to follow the principle of using food groups so that the right sized portion of protein is used and half the plate is fruits and vegetables or vegetables. An emphasis on whole grains is used. PLUS there are reminders about beverages and physical activity. We used warm colors in an elegant design that will make everyone feel special and enlightened.

Compartment plate – this plate is flying off of our shelves and everyone tells us they love having a compartment plate so that each group has its own measured space.

Diabetes – we had a leading diabetes educator dietitian help us with the strategy for this plate. The idea is to provide a real line about how much of each food to put on the plate and to make half the plate non-starchy vegetables. One quarter of the plate is starch and the other quarter is lean protein. The design is meant to be very elegant so the patient does not feel like they are getting some alarming or degrading lecture.

Of course we still have our custom designed MyPlate Plate, too.

Check them out – and see the special early 2018 pricing that won’t last long. The 50 packs are an excellent deal and their price includes shipping to the 48 states.