Resource Spotlight: Walloons


Here are some new educational resources that just happen to be both creative and engaging.


What are walloons, you ask?

They’re wall decals shaped like balloons. You can use them as decorations and teaching tools.

These wall decals come in handy when you want to add a little pizzazz to your walls. They’re great anywhere that you might want to fill in the space between posters, and they are spectacular in cafeterias, exam rooms, classrooms, offices, and more! I created them after I got a request from our dietitian customer Sonya Angelone, MS, RD, who wanted to perk up her children’s school cafeteria. They have been hanging on the walls there ever since. Sonya said the walls looked bare and she wanted to have some fun and positive decals that matched our fruit and vegetable balloons. We had these drawn up by our artist and Sonya fell in love with them so we made a special order of these wall decals for her. We figured everyone else might want some. They are perfect for walls that cannot hang posters or walls that need sprucing up or small places. You can even stick them on bulletin boards. See below for our directions for how you can make your own, too!


There are several varieties of walloons to choose from. Which best match your style?

The What’s on Your Fork? Walloons are the newest additions to the Nutrition Education Store and are perfect for National Nutrition Month. After all, the theme is “Put Your Best Fork Forward.”

Of course you can also make your own walloons. Draw a balloon with a black magic marker on a large white piece of paper. Copy it on a copy machine. Allow everyone to cut and paste their favorite food photos on the balloons. Then adhere the balloons to the wall using a 3d removable poster tape. This allows them to stick to the wall but keeps them removable, too. Of course you can also have everyone take pictures of their forks for your social media channel. Be sure to use a hashtag that reflects your name so you can post them with ease.

And, in case you missed it, here’s another Nutrition Month resource: the printable handout that comes with the What’s on Your Fork Bulletin Board Banner


And here’s a peek at these walloons from the Nutrition Education Store

What Do You Know About Banners?

Have you ever used a banner as an educational tool?

Portion Control BannerIt turns out that banners are perfect for health fairs, presentations, displays, cafeteria decorations, classroom adornment, and more. The key is in how you use them.

So that’s why I ask — what do you know about banners?

Banners are vital to visual learning, one of the three learning types outlined by the Fleming VAK/VARK model. Can you think of the other learning types?

They’re kinesthetic (learning by doing) and auditory (learning by hearing).

But let’s get back to visual learning. Visual learning happens when a person engages with concepts, data, and ideas through visual tools like images. Displays, posters, charts, graphs, and other illustrations of key concepts all appeal to visual learners.

MyPlate BannerSince many studies indicate that a holistic approach to various learning styles is often the most effective (offering auditory, kinesthetic, and visual resources together), visual resources can play a key role in any educational endeavor.

So, how do people incorporate these visual resources?

The most common ways that health educators use visuals like banners in the workplace are in either health fairs or cafeteria decorations. The latter offers a chance to brighten up dull cafeteria walls while reinforcing nutrition and health lessons when they can be the most useful. The former, in health fairs, provides a way to draw people to their booths. Once they’re there, people can try sample foods, read handouts, and learn the lessons that the presenters want to offer.

Whole Grain BannerIn terms of health education, banners make great visual aids — illustrating key concepts and distilling information down to the most important bits. They’re perfect for presentations, health fairs, office decoration, and displays.

How do you use visuals?

We’ve been hard at work on brand-new banners to help make you look your very best, right now. There are three kinds of banners that you can get — banners with standsposter-style banners, and wall clings. Banners with stands are perfectly portable and can be placed wherever you need them, whenever you need them. Poster-style banners can be hung on the wall or incorporated into a bulletin board or other display. Wall clings do exactly what it sounds like they do — stick to any wall, any time. Here are some of our top-selling banners!

Physical Activity Promotional Banner

Fruit and Vegetable Banner with Stand

3 Steps to Good Health Banner

Oh, and before I forget, have you seen the inside look at how the materials in the Nutrition Education Store are packaged and shipped? It’s pretty neat — check it out!

And here’s a free handout! It accompanies one of our banners — can you guess which one?

Start Slow, Keep Steady

Thanks for scrolling! Here’s a special discount code — just for you. Use MYPLATE to get 10% off your next order!

A Farmers’ Market Tale

Do you know about the benefits of farmers’ markets?

I truly believe that farmers’ markets can benefit everyone involved. The local farmers can be empowered as entrepreneurs and the customers get out, get exercise, and replenish vitamin D. The customers are apt to buy more fruits and vegetables too. Of course, farmers’ markets are also great family events.

That’s why I’m sharing a free handout about farmers’ markets today. It’s a great resource for your clients and is chock-full of tips and tricks for making the most of a trip to the market. Get your copy today!

I love to take photos of food at farmers’ markets. What can I say? It’s kind of an obsession.

AmaranthRecently, I went to an open air farmers’ market in Davis California. Did you know that that market was voted “America’s Best Farmers’ Market”? How cool is that?!

Anyway, while I was there, I was transfixed by the color and freshness of all the foods spilling over the stands. The produce was so beautiful — it really looked home grown and hand picked. The farmers were all so proud too. It was a moving experience to watch them selling everything to droves of people. With all that bounty, who couldn’t be enticed to try something new and healthful?

With that thought, inspiration was born.

I knew that food and health educators could use the images of these amazing fruits and vegetables in order to promote a healthful diet and lifestyle. I snapped away with my camera and chose my best shots to turn into classy posters that we could sell in the Nutrition Education Store.

The light was perfect for photographing, so I ended up having a whole bunch of winning photos to choose from. Once I picked my favorites, I used a software program to create an artistic oil painting effect. That brought me closer to the show-stopping posters I envisioned, but I wasn’t quite there yet. I wracked my brain. What could make these posters perfect?

Metallic paper was the answer.

By taking the oil painting photos and printing them on metallic paper, the images went from “wow” to “OH WOW.”

Asparagus Oil Painting

I wanted these posters to be highly creative, visual, and positive. They represent a way to have truly versatile fruit and vegetable art that can be displayed in myriad ways…

  • They can used in the offices of food and nutrition educators. The whole display is 24 inches X 20 inches – which is almost the size of a jumbo poster!
  • They can be posted at farmer’s markets. Separate photos help inspire and add color and art to the display.
  • They can be part of health fairs, as either displays or giveaways (or both!).

Because I genuinely want everyone to give the farmers’ market experience a try, and because trying new and fun foods is so important to a healthful lifestyle, I’ve kept the price of these new posters very low. That way, more people can make them a part of their lives.

If you’re at all interested in this new food art bundle, then get the details today. Each image is 8 inches by 10 inches and printed on metallic paper. The set contains 6 different prints, to be displayed or distributed as you see fit. Check them out!

I’ve been feeling really inspired lately, and so the store is jam-packed with great new nutrition education materials. Some of my personal favorite new arrivals are below…

6 Pack Farmers’ Market Prints

I Heart Fruit and Veggies Poster

MyPlate Plastic Plate Set

By Judy Doherty, PC II and Founder of Food and Health Communications, Inc.