New Fall Catalog!

Have you seen the new fall catalog yet?

I think it’s one of our best ones ever!

My graphic designer and I have been working on the newest poster designs for months! We came up with the concepts, created the photos, picked the colors, and then modeled everything. Then we rested. Then we assessed, re-assessed, and tweaked with the whole team until we had created posters that we were entirely confident you and your clients would love!

Let’s shine a spotlight on one of my favorites, shall we?

It’s time to Lead With Your Fork!

Traditionally, foods that you can eat out of a bag with your hands (including snacks and most fast food) are loaded with empty calories and devoid of the nutrients that you need for good health.

Foods that require a fork or a spoon to eat, however, are often chock-full of nutrients. Think salads, soups, rice, veggies, lean protein, etc. All this is a lot better for health than eating out of a bag!

We have created this amazing graphic poster, Lead With Your Fork, to help people visualize how their eating patterns impact their health.

What a great way to show how to put your best fork forward! This poster supports the messages of our two most important resources for education, MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

  • MyPlate advises people to divide their plates between fruits, vegetables, whole grains, varied protein, and low-fat dairy at each meal.
  • The Dietary Guidelines for Americans maintain that “All food and beverage choices matter. Choose a healthy eating pattern at an appropriate calorie level to help achieve and maintain healthy body weight, support nutrient adequacy, and reduce the risk of chronic disease.” That means focusing on variety, nutrient density, and amount of food while limiting consumption of added sugars, saturated and trans fats, and sodium.

This health and nutrition education poster, Lead With Your Fork, helps everyone visualize a balanced and healthful eating style. It is also very light-hearted and positive. It would be great for nutrition awareness or health fair programs!

And of course, there’s lots more in the fall catalog. Which items are you most excited about? The prizes? The handouts? The books?

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5 Steps to a Healthy Dietary Pattern

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do away with the word diet and replace it with a healthy dietary pattern?

Rather than focusing on individual nutrients, foods, or food groups in isolation, a dietary pattern refers to what we eat and drink over time and how this affects our health.

The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that we follow a healthy dietary pattern at every stage of life.

Take your group, class, or individual clients through five steps to discovering a healthy dietary pattern that works for them:

  1. Use our DGA Healthy Eating Patterns poster and handout to discuss the concept of a healthy dietary pattern. Talk about how eating patterns differ from diets, especially fad diets.
  2. Show participants how to enter their age, gender, height, weight, and activity level into MyPlate Plan. This free tool gives them personalized recommendations that will form the basis of their healthy eating pattern. Bonus: MyPlate Plan is also available in Spanish!
  3. Have participants make a list of foods they like for each food group in their MyPlate Plan.
  4. Help them identify whether the foods they listed fit into a healthy eating pattern. In other words, are they nutrient-dense and lower in fat, sodium, and sugar? Our new 2020-25 Dietary Guidelines PowerPoint show is a great resource for teaching this information.
  5. For the foods and beverages that don’t fit into a healthy eating pattern, help participants identify healthier options that are more nutrient-dense and lower in fat, sodium, and sugar. Emphasize that they don’t need to make these changes all at once!

Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD

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Let’s Get Excited About the New DGA

With all that’s going on in our country, it’s possible that not everyone is as excited as we are about the new edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). But we’re not letting that stop us!

Here are three ways to get your students, clients, or employees excited about (or at least aware of) the new DGA:

  1. Teach it: Our new 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines PowerPoint Show and Handout Set has everything you need to share the new DGA with just about anyone. It’s eye-catching, with bright colors, crisp graphics, and beautiful photos of real food. And it’s customizable, so you can make it work for any audience or time-frame. Use this PowerPoint presentation for a webinar or break the content up into mini-sessions to use with clients or on social media.
  2. Post it: People will stop to get a closer look at our new Dietary Guidelines Poster and Healthy Eating Patterns Poster. They’re a bright and colorful way to let everyone know that the new DGA is here and show what healthy eating patterns are all about. These posters are perfect for your office, hallways, waiting rooms, exam rooms, cafeterias, and classrooms.
  3. Wear it: Make Every Bite Count is the simple, catchy theme of the new DGA. We have Make Every Bite Count wristbands in three sizes (kids, bigger kids, and adults). Send them to your clients, use them as incentives for your students, or give them away to your social media followers.

Let’s get excited about the new DGA!

Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD