Indoor Workouts

Don’t wait until next week.

The major rush of the Christmas holiday is over. It’s time to catch your breath and regroup for the new year.  Even the most dedicated fitness people tend to get off schedule during the holidays. The pool where I do water aerobics does not have any classes scheduled the whole week.  So what to do? It would be easy to just stay in and take the week off. Tempting…but probably not a good idea.  I’ll definably have to make up for “lost time” the following week.

While it might not be your regular workout, here are a couple ideas to keep you and the family active this holiday week.

  1. Go for a walk and view the decorated homes in your neighborhood
  2. Take a break from returning gifts and walk quickly through the mall or store
  3. Invite guests for a before or after dinner walk
  4. How about a new tradition on the weekend between Christmas and the new year—a family day at the beach, park or skiing. Take a Frisbee or ball and start a game.
  5. If you live in snowy areas make a snowman or snow angels.
  6. Dance around the tree in the living room
  7. Go to a dance on New Year’s Eve
  8. Clean the house—turn on some music and make it fun! Dusting, vacuuming and mopping is activity.
  9. Get up early—or if the kids or guests are sleeping in—-get a walk or workout in before they get up.
  10. Do something active first thing in the morning and then again after a meal…instead of heading straight for the couch.
  11. The fitness center or gym closed this week?  Do a private class at home. Find a YouTube video. They’re free and come in all lengths and intensities.  Try something different. Bookmark several of different lengths to fit into the time you have available.
  12. Did you or the kids get a Wii or Xbox as a holiday gift?  Get it going and challenge your family.
  13.  Take the dog out for a quick extra walk—that could be your “quiet time”.

Don’t wait to next week….start the new year off with a healthier you.

By Cheryle Jones Syracuse, MS
Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University