Teacher Wish Program for Health and Nutrition Education Materials

Have you heard of the Classroom Wish Program? It’s a simple way to get great new materials for your classroom. Use the Nutrition Education Store to make health, nutrition, and fitness lessons a snap! Here’s how…

  1. Preview the school nutrition education page of the Nutrition Education Store. Use the wish list form to create a list of resources that would benefit your classroom. You can also use the handy order form to request materials directly from your school district.
  2. Display your wish list. These wishes can’t come true unless someone knows about them, so make sure to display your wish list in your classroom. Not sure where to put it? Try dedicating a space on your bulletin board during an open house or class parties. That way, parents can take a wish and grant it.
  3. Share your wish list. Sharing is caring, after all. Include your wish list in your class newsletter, in special notes to parents, or on your class’s online homepage. You could also give a classroom wish list to the Parent Resources Organization or “room parent” volunteers. Use this letter to parents to explain the importance of proper nutrition for better classroom behavior and academic performance.
  4. Watch your wishes come true. The people who wish to support your classroom by picking up an item on your wish list can easily purchase the materials from our store. Then they can have them shipped to you with a gift message, or they can have the items sent directly to them, so that they in turn can give their gifts to you in person.
  5. Thank your donors with special thank-you-notes that express your appreciation for these generous gifts.

There are lots of wish list programs available. Choose from any of the following options…

There’s also Amazon.com. Did you know that we have a list of Nutrition Education Store materials available on Amazon? You can add them to an Amazon Teacher Wish List. Use the Amazon Universal “Add to Wish List” Tool to add any school nutrition education materials to your list.

Any questions? Call us toll-free at 800-462-2352. We can even take steps to add more of our materials to Amazon.com.




Free Nutrition Education Resources

For Immediate Release: December 18, 2013
Media and Consumer Inquiries: 800-462-2352

Louisville, CO — Food and Health Communications, Inc has just launched a new free nutrition education resources center. This hub of free nutrition education resources is filled with the latest nutrition quizzes, nutrition icebreakers, cooking clipart, free nutrition handouts, and health statistics to help health and nutrition educators prepare for an evidence-based nutrition class that is engaging, effective and up to date. All of the nutrition resources are complimentary and geared toward aiding nutrition educators as they work with their clients.

The focus of the nutrition resource center is broad, and it covers many topics. Features include tools for teaching people about diabetes, heart health, weight control, nutrition basics, cooking, and more. There are pre and post quizzes to gauge learning needs and success. And there are free nutrition class certificates to award people who pass classes. Jokes and quotes provide great ice breakers. And nutrition and cooking clip art helps make handouts and announcements visually inviting. The content is always changing and is kept continually updated with the latest scientific research.

The launch of this new center was prompted by Judy Doherty, PC II, who founded Food and Health Communications, Inc in order to provide necessary resources to busy health educators. The goal of the educator’s resource center is to offer some of the most popular health and nutrition materials to people who will use them to improve the lives of their clients.

For more information, visit www.nutritioneducationstore.com and click the link for the Nutrition Education Resource Center on the top left. People can access the resource center directly at http://nutritioneducationstore.com/pages/Free_Resources.html.