Are You Drinking Candy?

Sugar is always a popular topic and beverages are a major source of added sugar in the American diet. So why not put together a sugary drink display for your next health fair or class? Our materials make it easy!

You’re sure to catch everyone’s attention with our Are You Drinking Candy? Sugar Awareness poster, banners, and tearpad handout. Using a lollipop as a reference point for a teaspoon of sugar, people can see just how much ‘candy’ they drink when sipping on soda, sports drinks, sweet tea, and more. The back side of the tearpad handout and the free printables that come with our posters and banners provide even more information on sugar and better beverage choices.

Our colorful materials are bound to attract a crowd around your display. Get them thinking about what they’re drinking with these five conversation starters:

  • Do you see your drink of choice on the poster? How many teaspoons of sugar are in it? If you have this drink every day, how many teaspoons of sugar is that each week? Month? Year?!
  • Water and unsweetened tea are great choices to replace sugary beverages. How can you spruce them up a bit? How about adding fruit or fresh mint? Have you tried green tea, chai tea, or herbal tea?
  • When is tea as unhealthy as soda? When it’s sweet tea! Did you know a large sweet tea has more sugar than a large soda? Do you drink canned or bottled tea? Check the label – you might be surprised by the amount of sugar per serving, and the number of servings per container.
  • Do you drink smoothies because you think they’re healthy? What’s in your favorite smoothie? How big is it? Watch out for smoothies made from a mix or with juice or added sugar. And check how many servings are in that big smoothie-shop smoothie!
  • How many teaspoons of added sugar per day do you think most Americans eat? The answer is 28-32 teaspoons. How many do experts recommend? The American Heart Association says we should have no more than six (for women) to nine (for men) teaspoons of added sugar daily. Based on the examples on the poster/banner/tearpad, how many teaspoons of added sugar do you drink every day?

That’s just the beginning! Check out our entire collection of handouts, banners, posters, PowerPoint shows, wristbands, and stickers. Whatever you need for your display, we have you covered!


Are You Drinking Candy?

One of our most popular posters just got a new art update! 

Most people would never imagine that a beverage could contain as much sugar as several pieces of candy. And they would swear they never eat that much candy! But one large glass of sweetened ice tea or a large coffee drink can contain even more sugar than a soda and 15 lollipop equivalents of sugar. We updated this classic poster to have a new graphic twist and to use the common beverages found in many stores and restaurants.

1 tsp of sugar contains about 4 grams of sugar or the equivalent of sugar found in a small lollipop. 

The bottom of the poster contains better choices for beverages like water or unsweetened iced tea. The “lollipop scale” is ready to show them how many lollipops are in the big sweetened drink deals sold in stores and restaurants. 

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends limiting added sugars to no more than 10 percent of daily calorie needs. That’s about 12 teaspoons (48 grams of added sugar) on a 2,000-calorie diet. But for kids — especially little kids, who may only need 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day — it’s even less.

This popular laminated poster is now in the healthy beverage health fair theme and it comes in two different banner sizes: 48×36″ or 24×62″ on a stand. It would go well with our “sugar math” poster. 

18″ x 24″ Laminated Poster: Are You Drinking Candy?
48″ x 36″ vinyl Health Fair Banner: Are You Drinking Candy?
24″ x 62″ Vinyl Banner With X Stand: Are You Drinking Candy?

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And here is a great handout about how to make infused water for more flavor and zero calories. Download and use now.