Great Bulletin Boards: A Breakdown

Want some insight into your next display?

We’ve studied visual engagement strategies and explored balance and composition for so long that we can’t remember a time that we weren’t immersed in the science of bulletin boards as educational tools.

Along the way, we’ve found some winning combinations that manage to make health lessons both appealing and memorable. Those lessons are what I’d like to share with you today.


Here are 3 tried-and-true bulletin board tips…

  1. Use a poster as your guide. We’ve had the best feedback for bulletin board displays that feature a poster. This poster can bring together your core lessons and highlight the most important points of your topic. A poster also offers a way to visually balance your board, with a large image featured prominently. Our posters are also super focused, presenting only the most vital information, which further helps your bulletin board communicate key messages.
  2. Use photographsPhotographs add an air of professionalism to your board. There’s something about a good photo that makes a bulletin board appear more polished. Make sure the photos are lit well and not grainy, then put them up wherever your need a splash of color. Photos also offer a real-world demonstration of an idea, which makes them extra effective for cooking or exercise boards.
  3. Make it interactive! I love to watch people interact with a bulletin board. The process could be as simple as signing up for an upcoming activity related to the bulletin board’s theme, or as complex as finding a spot for a healthful recipe someone would like to share. Engagement dramatically increases when people feel involved with the board in some way, so devise a strategy to help people interact with your display.

After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what a bulletin board can do!

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