• More Sushi Safety

    I had just posted the article on Sushi Safety when I saw a related scary report in the news about a California man with  a tapeworm that they suspect he got from eating  sushi. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/sushi-lover-pulled-5-foot-tapeworm-from-intestines/ First you may ask, could this really happen? Yes, it could. The tapeworm is a form of parasite that can […] Tags:
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  • Reader questions onion safety

    Question from a reader:  “What information do you have about the idea that onions pose a risk if left in the refrigerator after cutting?  It is something most of us have always done and now there is information floating out there in the internet world that this is not a safe practice.  Thanks for any […] Tags:
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  • Real-World Strategies for Dealing with Office Treats

    A couple of weeks ago a co-worker sent this email to everyone in the office:  “There are three types of pie and a can of whipped cream in the fridge!  Pumpkin, Apple, and Pecan, please help me get rid of them!!” This is what’s being called: food dumping. Like most people, I’ve been guilty of […] Tags:
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  • Blowing out the candles

    This may seem gross…but have you ever thought about germs from people blowing out birthday candles? Or worse yet, accidentally spitting on a birthday cake while blowing out the candles. Researchers from Clemson looked at this topic and published in the Journal of Food Research.  Their research shows that blowing out candles on a birthday […] Tags:
  • Germy Water Bottles

    Many people are conscientiously carrying refillable water bottles.  One key positive here is that drinking water  on a regular basis gives the  body the fluid it needs to keep itself healthy https://news.nutritioneducationstore.com/hydrate-for-health/.  Also using a refillable bottle helps keep more waste from plastic water bottles out of the trash. There’s also the cost savings of […] Tags:
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  • Leave the butter out

    If you read this blog regularly, you know that we’re trying to reduce the amount of saturated fats that we eat at our house. This includes butter. https://news.nutritioneducationstore.com/the-butter-dish-is-empty/ But, when teaching about food safety, I still get the question….should butter be kept in the refrigerator or is it safe on the counter? Obviously there are […] Tags:
  • Sushi Safety

    Sushi safety.…….say that three times fast! Over the past several decades, sushi has become very popular in the United States.  It is now common to hear folks going out for sushi,  bringing it home from the grocery store or even making it at home. Sushi business is worth over $2.2 billion in the US and […] Tags:
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  • How NOT to thaw that turkey

    If you’ve followed my posts you know that I’ve worked for the Cooperative Extension System for almost 40 years.  I remember when the phone rang-off-the-hook this time of year with various questions about thawing and cooking that Thanksgiving turkey. Calls to the office have lightened with telephone “help” hotlines and the internet, but the unique […] Tags:
  • Early November Checklist

    As we move into the month of November, our minds start thinking about Thanksgiving and all the related foods and details that need planning. Here are a couple things to think about early this month. https://news.nutritioneducationstore.com/thinking-about-turkey/ Is there room in your refrigerator for that turkey you’re going to thaw? It takes 24 hours for each […] Tags:
  • Are Your Holidays Healthful? A Quiz

    Do you keep your holiday celebrations good for your health? Find out with this brand-new quiz! Questions: 1. What is the most featured item in the display of foods at your holiday party? a) Cookies b) Meats c) Fruits and vegetables d) Cheeses 2. True or false? I make sure to get at least some […] Tags:
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