• Nutrition Basic Pre and Post Test for Classes

    Basic nutrition pre/post-test A healthy, balanced diet includes these three major nutrients (macronutrients):a. calories, fat, carbohydrateb. carbohydrate, protein, fatc. protein, fiber, fatd. calories, water, fibere. I don’t know Which foods provide more of the essential nutrients that we’re often lacking?a. fruit, vegetables, and protein shakesb. seafood, whole grains, and gluten-free foodsc. fruit, vegetables, whole grains […] Tags:
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  • Nutrition label pre/post test

    Nutrition label pre/post test By Lynn Grieger, RDN, CDE Ingredients are listed in: a. descending order by weight (heaviest first) b. ascending order by volume  (least amount first) c. alphabetical order d. I don’t know The amount of nutrients such as carbohydrate, protein, fat and cholesterol listed is: a. exactly correct b. rounded to the […]
  • Heart Health Pre and Post Quiz

    Answer the questions below to assess your knowledge of heart health. Download Heart Quiz PDF excerpted from 6 Lessons of Heart Health: Quiz_heart 1. What is the healthy range for blood pressure? a. 119/79 or Less b. 120/80 – 139/89 c. 140/90 or More d. 1,500   2. Fill in the Blank: According to the […] Tags:
  • Diabetes Pre and Post Test Questions

    Diabetes Pre and Post Test Questions by Lynn Greiger, RDN, CDE Download Word file: Diabetes Pre and Post Test Diabetes is a condition that is a result of: a. being overweight b. too much insulin c. not enough insulin or insulin isn’t working effectively d. eating too much sugar and drinking sweetened beverages e. eating […] Tags:
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  • Weight Loss Pre Post Test

    Weight Loss Pre/Post Test A healthy weight can help reduce the risk of developing or help control: a.  heart disease b. type 2 diabetes c. breathing problems d. some types of cancer e. all of the above f. I don’t know 2. BMI is a measure of weight in relationship to height, and stands for: […] Tags:
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