Weight Loss Pre Post Test

Weight Loss Pre/Post Test

  1. A healthy weight can help reduce the risk of developing or help control:
    a.  heart disease
    b. type 2 diabetes
    c. breathing problems
    d. some types of cancer
    e. all of the above
    f. I don’t know

2. BMI is a measure of weight in relationship to height, and stands for:
a. Biological Metric Integration
b. Basal Metabolic Index
c. Body Mass Index
d. I don’t know

3. You should be evaluated by your physician before starting a weight loss program if:
a. you have any health problems
b. you take any medication
c. you want to lose more than 15-20 pounds
e. you plan to follow a liquid diet that replaces all food for at least 1 month
f. all the above
g. I don’t know

4. A healthy weight loss plan:
a. recommends eating <1000 calories per day
b. contains a list of foods that you should never eat
c. promises quick results
d. incorporates gradual changes in food choices that last for a lifetime
e. I don’t know

5. The most effective weight loss plans:
a. recommend both increased physical activity and changes in food choices
b. focus only on changing food habits
c. require 2-3 hours of exercise each day
d. use supplements to promote weight loss
e. I don’t know

6. The most effective meal schedule for weight loss is:
a. skipping breakfast
b. avoiding all snacks
c. eating regularly scheduled meals and snacks throughout the day
d. consuming only meat and vegetables for dinner
e. I don’t know

7. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to:
a. consume 500-1000 fewer calories each day
b. eat less carbohydrate and more protein
c. eliminate sugar
d. follow a gluten-free diet
e. I don’t know

8. To monitor weight loss progress,  weigh yourself:
a. every time you eat
b. monthly
c. every morning
d. weekly
e. never
f. I don’t know

9. Which habit helps promote fullness after eating as well as weight loss?
a. eating slowly, taking at least 15-20 minutes to complete a meal
b. eating fruit only for breakfast
c. avoiding whole grains
d. using a juicer for all vegetables
e. I don’t know

10. In order to lose weight, you should:
a. never eat high-fat, high-sugar treats like candy or ice cream
b. eat only sugar-free versions of sweets
c. eat only fat-free versions of sweets
d. eat smaller amounts of sweets less often
e. I don’t know

11. A recommended and safe rate of weight loss is:
a. 5 pounds per week
b. 1-2 pounds per week
c. 3-5 pounds per week
d. I don’t know

By Lynn Grieger, RDN, CDE.


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updated on 07-24-2024