Nutrition label pre/post test

Nutrition label pre/post test

By Lynn Grieger, RDN, CDE

  1. Ingredients are listed in:
    a. descending order by weight (heaviest first)
    b. ascending order by volume  (least amount first)
    c. alphabetical order
    d. I don’t know
  2. The amount of nutrients such as carbohydrate, protein, fat and cholesterol listed is:
    a. exactly correct
    b. rounded to the nearest whole number
    c. an approximate amount as it can vary from package to package
    d. I don’t know
  3. Potential food allergens like wheat, soy, peanuts and milk are:
    a. listed on the front of the package
    b. not listed; call the company to find out if any potential allergens are in the food
    c. listed in the ingredients
    d. I don’t know
  4. What is the first item to notice on a food label?
    a. calories
    b. fat
    c. carbohydrate
    d. serving size
    e. I don’t know
  5. Which nutrients should we limit and eat less to promote good health?
    a. protein, sugars and total fat
    b. sugars, fiber and total fat
    c. total fat, cholesterol and sodium
    d. I don’t know
  6. Which vitamins and minerals must be listed on food labels?
    a. vitamin D, vitamin C, iron and magnesium
    b. vitamin C, calcium, iron and potassium
    c. vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and iron
    d. I don’t know
  7. The percent daily value (%DV) is based on consuming:
    a. 2000 calories
    b. 1200 calories
    c. 2500 calories
    d. I don’t know
  8. Which nutrients on the label do NOT have a %DV?
    a. sodium, cholesterol and protein
    b. total fat, trans fat, saturated fat
    c. trans fat, protein, sugars
    d. I don’t know
  9. A food is considered high in a specific nutrient if it contains:
    a. >20% DV
    b. >10% DV
    c. >30% DV
    d. I don’t know
  10. Which nutrients should we eat more to promote overall good health?
    a. fiber, cholesterol, carbohydrate and protein
    b. Vitamin A and C, fiber, calcium and iron
    c. Vitamin A, calcium, carbohydrate and protein
    d. I don’t know
  11. The total grams of sugar listed on the label includes:
    a. naturally occurring and added sugars
    b. only added sugars
    c. added sugar and sugar substitutes
    d. I don’t know
  12. A package of nuts contains 3 servings, and each serving contains 150 calories. If you eat the entire package, how many calories did you consume?
    a. 150
    b. 300
    c. 450
    d. I don’t know
  13. The ingredients list contains partially hydrogenated soybean oil, yet the label states “0 grams fat”. That’s because:
    a. There is a mistake on the label
    b. partially hydrogenating the oil removes all the fat
    c. The serving contains <.5g fat and is rounded to the nearest whole number, which is zero
    d. I don’t know


Download word file with questions and answers

Source:  How to understand and use the nutrition facts label.



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