Free Handout: ABCs of Diabetes Management

To celebrate American Diabetes Month and help raise awareness about life with diabetes, this month’s free diabetes handout is the ABCs of Diabetes Management. This handout is excerpted from The 12 Lessons of Diabetes, a popular diabetes education program that is now available in the Nutrition Education Store.

Download the ABCs of Diabetes Management Handout now!

The 12 Lessons of Diabetes program makes preventing, managing, and understanding diabetes both simple and accessible. It’s full of engaging activity ideas, informative handouts, and colorful posters. It can be spread out over the course of a year (one lesson per month) or condensed into an intensive workshop. The free handout we offer today gives a great first glance into the kind of information you’ll get in this program. Looking for other ways to honor American Diabetes Month? Check out these resources…

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