Meeting Friends in California

Isn’t it funny, the connections you make?

Meeting Friends in CAA few weeks ago, I was in California. My son and I were touring his new college campus (UC Davis, woo!) and I posted about our adventures on Facebook. Imagine my surprise when Communicating Food for Health subscriber and longtime Nutrition Education Store customer Laurie Kamagawachi contacted me and said that she was just around the corner. I just knew we had to meet up.

Laurie is amazing. She is a clinical dietitian that really practices what she preaches. During our visit, I learned that Laurie has completed 41 marathons. Can you believe that?! I was totally wowed.

It’s always great to meet a customer, and Laurie was the epitome of charm and enthusiasm. In addition to using her Communicating Food for Health membership for many years, she’s also downloaded a ton of health and wellness PowerPoint shows. It was such fun to see her get excited about the tools that my team and I have created.

Laurie is retired now, but that isn’t stopping her from going out in the community and making a difference. She teaches wellness classes and she’s studying culinary art. Her explorations of the latter have fanned her enthusiasm for the fun and creative food ideas we feature on Food and Health and in the Nutrition Education Store. She’s been putting those lessons and tips to good use, both in her classes and in her everyday life.

It was such a treat to get to catch up with Laurie. Isn’t it funny, the connections you make?

By Judy Doherty, PC II and Founder of Food and Health Communications, Inc

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updated on 06-18-2024