Easy Health Fair and Nutrition Presentation Theme Chooser Introduced By Nutrition Education Store

Nutrition Education Store has launched a “Theme Chooser” in the online store navigation. The theme chooser allows customers to view a line of health fair and nutrition education materials by theme.

For example if you click on 10K Steps, you will find the following items with the 10,000 Step learning guides:

  • 48×36″ banner
  • 24×62″ banner on stand
  • 18×24″ laminated poster
  • wristbands
  • floor decals
  • stickers
  • bookmarks
  • button pins

Over 20 themes with spectacular, people-pleasing graphics, exclusively designed by Nutrition Education Store are currently presented and they include:

  1. 10K Steps (11)
  2. Beverage-Sugar (17)
  3. Change It Up (9)
  4. Chef Ann Rainbow Salad (9)
  5. Colors of Health (9)
  6. Diabetes (17)
  7. Eat to Excel (9)
  8. Farm to Table (10)
  9. Food Label NEW (14)
  10. Freedom (7)
  11. Groove to Move (11)
  12. Healthier Choices (25)
  13. Healthy Fork (13)
  14. MyPlate (29)
  15. Muscle Vs Fat (6)
  16. Portion Control (18)
  17. Orange Coins & Diet and Exercise (8)
  18. Nutrition Month (19)
  19. Rainbow Chard & Good Nutrition (8)
  20. Rainbow Salad (29)
  21. Real Food Grows (8)
  22. Whole Grains (11)

The theme chooser makes it easy to choose the perfect theme by topic and then have an entire display or presentation that matches with exciting, professionally designed graphics. You can feature posters and banners and then have matching giveaways and activities. If you need help choosing the best topic you can always click the contact us link at the bottom of the page or call us toll free at 800-462-2352.

Take a look at a few stunning health fair themes:

Nutrition Month:

Real Food Grows:


Groove to Move – Physical Activity Promotion:

Food Label Education:

Bring The Farm To Your Table:

Colors Of Health:

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updated on 07-19-2018