The Mediterranean Diet Wins Again!

Once again, US News & World Report rates the Mediterranean diet as number one in its annual ranking of diets.

In addition to being the best diet overall, the Mediterranean diet is also crowned as:

  • The best plant-based diet.
  • The best heart-healthy diet (tied with the Ornish Diet).
  • The best diabetes diet.
  • The best diet for healthy eating.
  • The easiest diet to follow.

When people hear the term Mediterranean diet, they might be intimidated. After all, we’re a long, long way from that part of the world. Won’t all the foods be unfamiliar? Doesn’t it take lots of work to cook them?

You can shatter those myths by holding a webinar or in-person class (or series) using these three products:

  1. The Mediterranean Diet Class PowerPoint is THE authoritative guide to the Mediterranean diet. With 100+ slides, handouts, and a leader guide, you have everything you need to customize your class to meet the needs of your audience or time constraints. And the beautiful, professional food photography will bring the Mediterranean diet to life!
  2. These gorgeous photos of Mediterranean-inspired foods also appear on our Mediterranean Diet Poster, making it the perfect way to publicize your class.
  3. To encourage people to sign up for and complete your class, consider holding a raffle with the winner receiving a Mediterranean Diet 9 Photo Montage Print. This is not your typical nutrition education poster! It’s a beautiful print of professional photographs featuring an assortment of Mediterranean-inspired foods.

When you’re teaching or promoting the #1 eating pattern, you can’t go wrong!

By Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD

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updated on 07-21-2024