CIA Chef Launches Blog to Help Families to Cook Together

CIA Chef Launches Blog to Help Families to Cook Together

Food and Health Communications, Inc. launches a new blog to help families prepare and enjoy better meals together.

Chef and Founder Judy Doherty, PC II

Chef and Founder Judy Doherty, PC II

Quote startIt only takes about 10 more minutes each night to make a great family meal with your kids. The memories are priceless.Quote end

Louisville, CO (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

Food and Health Communications, Inc., a private publisher, announces the launch of a new blog designed to help families cook together and put better food on their tables with less time and money.

The Chef’s Tips for Healthy Family Cooking Blog is online at, and will feature the work of chefs, dietitians, and home economists who team up to write articles, provide shopping lists, and offer great ideas for cooking with kids.

In addition to English, the blog can be converted to almost any language. Teachers can also easily turn blog posts into PDF files, which they can then copy and hand out to students.

The top article, 15 Ways to Help Kids Love Healthful Foods, features the journey that Judy took with her own son. He started as a very picky child and ended up as a teen who could cook any meal, even going on to attend Stanford University’s “Problem of Food” Summer Session with his class at Stanford’s OHS. This plan will help families end battles at the dinner table and turn dinner from a chore into a place for precious family memories. Readers will be delighted to gain great ideas like discovering and growing herbs with children, slipping fruit platters in front of video game players, and setting a better table, sometimes even in the child’s room!

Everyone will delight in the tips and tricks included in the article, What’s Your Cooking Style?. Identifying a child’s passions and interests will help build a family into a great cooking team.

Founder and Chef, Judy Doherty, PC II, says, “I have always believed that every child should experience good food at every meal.” She taught her son and his friends to cook, starting when they were toddlers. She is also the author of No Battles, Better Eating, a book about how to engage kids in many fun culinary projects. She advocates joy at every family meal. Judy is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

Her counterpart, family and consumer science expert, Cheryle Syracuse, MS, is currently working on a series of articles to help families make better decisions in the grocery store, based on health, budget, and other key factors.

About Food and Health Communications, Inc.

Food and Health Communications, Inc. is a private publisher that has been in business for almost 20 years. The company began when Chef Doherty began publishing a newsletter for dietitians in cardiac rehab with nutrition researcher James J. Kenney, PhD, FACN. It later expanded the newsletter to the nutrition education market that includes dietitians, nurses, home economists, teachers and public health agencies. It is now online at The company expanded and launched in 1999 and they have over 375 products that have been created by customer request. They are known for their science-based team of dietitians, research scientists, graphic artists, chefs, and home economists. The company does not accept food industry dollars. Their materials excel in visual graphics, great food photos, and creative messages. Their corporate website, is a healthy food magazine that features a calendar, how-to-cook articles, and recipes that have full nutrition analysis. Food and Health Communications, Inc. is a National Strategic Partner with the USDA and MyPlate.

For further information or for an interview, contact Food and Health Communications, Inc. at 800-462-2352 or with the contact link at You can follow their tweets @foodhealth or visit their Facebook page at

Judy was just interviewed by the Society for Nutrition Education – see the post here:

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