(Mis)information & the American Diet

Consumers are constantly bombarded with (mis)information about food and nutrition.

Many of your clients, employees, or students probably feel frustrated about the conflicting nutrition messages they get from news reports, blogs, ads, food packages, and social media – not to mention what they hear from friends and family members.

What can you do? Knowledge is power, so one answer is to help them learn about the many systems that influence our food choices. That’s the focus of our American Diet PowerPoint presentation.

In just 30 minutes, the American Diet PowerPoint presentation covers topics like GMOs, functional foods, magic bullets and healthcare, marketing and ads, fad diets, consumer perception, and convenience foods.

With this new knowledge and awareness, your audience will be better equipped to deal with all the nutrition messages coming at them. They’ll be a big step closer to becoming critical thinkers who are mindful in the decisions they make about what they eat and drink.

The American Diet presentation appeals to a variety of audiences. You’ll find it useful for:

  • Employee lunch & learn sessions
  • Webinars
  • Presentations to community groups
  • High school students
  • Parents and teachers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Continuous play in waiting rooms


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updated on 05-20-2024