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For Immediate Release: January 9, 2014
Media and Consumer Inquiries: 800-462-2352

Louisville, CO — Food and Health Communications, Inc has introduced a free poster program for nutrition professionals. The program offers free posters to educators who are presenting at conferences that have nutrition and food professionals in attendance. Why introduce this program now? Judy Doherty, PC II and founder of Food and Health Communications, Inc, led the development of this program in response to numerous requests for materials that could be used at state dietetic meetings and other conferences.

The educational posters are bright, clear, and positive, with simple health messages that are appealing and easy to understand. All of the posters are original and none feature any industry advertising of any kind. The information presented on the posters is up-to-date and based on the latest scientific evidence.

There are some restrictions to the new poster program. For example, in order to receive a free poster to use at a conference, the audience for the meeting must be food and health professionals. There must also be at least 30 attendees. People who are interested in receiving a free poster need only fill out a simple form with their conference information in order to be considered for the free nutrition poster program.

For more information, visit People can learn more about the poster program directly at

Here are a few of the latest educational posters from Food and Health Communications, Inc.

9 Ways to Lower LDL Cholesterol Poster













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