Breakfast Express Banners

Roberta Despra, a school foodservice director, and one of our readers, called because she wanted a bright and cheery “breakfast express banner” to cover her express breakfast cart for students. The goal for this banner is to welcome everyone to school and to get them to the right meal line fast.

Fortunately we received an important wish from Bobbie so we could start our design. Bobbie loved our orange slice photo and so we used that for the banner. The orange slice photo was created using 9 different oranges from a local farmer here in California. They were purchased at a farmer’s market and the farmer came from Merced, California and was very happy for our purchase. We were very happy when we created the beautiful scene with all of the colorful slices.

We love creating custom products for our clients and this banner is available in the Nutrition Education Store now. Let us know if you have an idea for a custom creation!




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updated on 05-20-2024