It’s time to get back to basics with MyPlate. Let’s take a break from the latest updates and in-depth explorations of nutrition science and take a good look at the building blocks of health and balanced eating. Sometimes, a moment back to the basics is all you need, and this MyPlate resource is perfect for your clients. You definitely don’t want to miss this free handout.

MyPlate Basics

The free nutrition handout is the MyPlate Strategy Guide. It’s two pages long and covers all the basics of the USDA plate. We call it a strategy guide because it offers simple ways to incorporate the lessons of MyPlate into everyday life. So download it today and share it with your clients! It’s perfect for an email blast, bulletin board display, or simple handout.

(You know what goes well with this handout? MyPlate posters! And, if you’re looking for another way to approach the lessons of MyPlate, then be sure to check out the MyPlate for Kids section of the Nutrition Education Store).

MyPlate Poster

MyPlate for Kids Bulletin Board Kit

MyPlate Set of Paper Plates