Have you ever used a banner as an educational tool?

Portion Control BannerIt turns out that banners are perfect for health fairs, presentations, displays, cafeteria decorations, classroom adornment, and more. The key is in how you use them.

So that’s why I ask — what do you know about banners?

Banners are vital to visual learning, one of the three learning types outlined by the Fleming VAK/VARK model. Can you think of the other learning types?

They’re kinesthetic (learning by doing) and auditory (learning by hearing).

But let’s get back to visual learning. Visual learning happens when a person engages with concepts, data, and ideas through visual tools like images. Displays, posters, charts, graphs, and other illustrations of key concepts all appeal to visual learners.

MyPlate BannerSince many studies indicate that a holistic approach to various learning styles is often the most effective (offering auditory, kinesthetic, and visual resources together), visual resources can play a key role in any educational endeavor.

So, how do people incorporate these visual resources?

The most common ways that health educators use visuals like banners in the workplace are in either health fairs or cafeteria decorations. The latter offers a chance to brighten up dull cafeteria walls while reinforcing nutrition and health lessons when they can be the most useful. The former, in health fairs, provides a way to draw people to their booths. Once they’re there, people can try sample foods, read handouts, and learn the lessons that the presenters want to offer.

Whole Grain BannerIn terms of health education, banners make great visual aids — illustrating key concepts and distilling information down to the most important bits. They’re perfect for presentations, health fairs, office decoration, and displays.

How do you use visuals?

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