MyPlate turns 10 in June. Celebrate with these 10 tips for teaching with MyPlate, using materials from and

  1. One look says it all. MyPlate is so successful because one glance tells you what you need to know about healthy eating.
    • Get the MyPlate graphic in 22 languages here.
  2. Use the App. With the Start Simple with MyPlate app, users pick simple daily food goals, see real-time progress, and earn badges along the way.
  3. Post the day’s menu with MyPlate. Our MyPlate Erasable Menu poster reminds everyone how to make healthy choices in the cafeteria.
  4. Look down. Who expects to see MyPlate on the floor?!
  5. Get cooking! Show your patients, clients, or students how to cook the MyPlate way with the MyPlate Cooking Demo Ideas Book and CD.
  6. Quiz time. Let everyone show what they know with online MyPlate Quizzes.
  7. Eat with your eyes. Take MyPlate further by using MyPlate Food Photos to show real, healthy, mouthwatering foods that go on real plates.
  8. MyPlate for moms. MyPlate is for everyone, but expecting and nursing moms need a few extra pointers provided by the MyPlate for Pregnant and Nursing Moms poster.
    • Bonus: It’s in Spanish on one side and English on the other.
  9. You’re never too old for MyPlate. Seniors will get a kick out of their own Healthy MyPlate for Older Americans.
  10. Make a plan. Get your personalized MyPlate Plan (English and Spanish) by entering age, sex, height, weight, and activity level. 

Find more ways to celebrate MyPlate’s 10th birthday here. Download free MyPlate Toolkits here.

Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD