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We often get requests and searches for certificates of completion for various nutrition classes and programs. Here is a selection of free nutrition class certificates in 2 formats: Word and Clipart. Your use of these images means you agree with our license statement at the bottom of the site. Thank you!

Word Files:

Wellness class certificate

Kids’ class certificate

Weight control class graduation certificate

Nutrition class program certificate

Clipart – insert into Word or PowerPoint file and add text box over the top with participant information. You can use the Word Mail Merge feature with an excel file for large classes, too:

Certificates-nutrition Certificates-weight Certificates-kids Certificates-wellnessCert_Cooking_Final Cert_Diabetes_Final Cert_Diet_Final Cert_Health_Final Cert_Heart_Final Cert_Kids_Final Cert_KidsHealth_Final Cert_Nutrition_Final Cert_WeightLoss_Final Cert_Wellness_Final

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updated on 12-9-2022