Are you looking for a hot topic for your next class, workshop, or client consultation? Or for Nutrition Month (R)?

As much as consumers want a magic bullet for their health, teachers want a magic topic that will engage, educate, and motivate their audience.

Here we have assembled all of the best and hottest topic predictions for 2021. With nutrition there is always plenty of lessons to help people learn anything from the basics, to skipping fads, to shopping and preparing meals with ease, or to making better choices when dining out!  The 2020 Nutrition Month theme is now all about reviewing the benefits of nutrition.

The hottest topics listed here are chosen from our expert writers’ recommendations, research in the news, views from our blog posts, many telephone and email inquiries with customers and readers, Amazon bestseller book lists, and over 100 food, health, and nutrition professional blogs that we follow. 

Here is the hot topics and trends that you can use to plan your own presentations and classes.

  1. Dietary Guidelines: The Dietary Guidelines are here! Check out all of our resources that support the 2020=2025 messages. 
  2. New Food Label: The new Nutrition Facts Label is ready to empower shoppers to lower their intake from added sugars. Check out the newest food label resources.
  3. MyPlate Start Simple is a new campaign by MyPlate to celebrate the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines changes and to help folks use a very simple way to make a healthy plate. 
  4. Plant-Based Diets: Focus on a plant slant! How to Plan Meals, New Foods, Benefits.
  5. Sugar: How to Find It, How to Consume Less now that added sugars are featured on the new food label and still mentioned in the new edition of the Dietary Guidelines, particularly for the younger set as well as adults.
  6. Fiber is a great lesson for consumers to understand gut health plus all of the new research about the microbiome.
  7. Kitchen How-To – with the pandemic more Americans are cooking at home so they are open to learning about new foods and cooking methods to save time. There is no better time for cooking demos, social media tips, and more!
  8. Weight Loss – a recent CDC survey found that half of all adults over the age of 20 have tried to lose weight over the past year but two thirds of all adults in the US are still overweight or obese. Check out our 12 Lessons Program! The pandemic showed us the importance of avoiding chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, all of which can cause serious illness and death in COVID patients. 
  9. Sleep – for better habits and weight loss success – a new study shows how and there are numerous studies on sleep and weight control.
  10. Shopping for better health – the pandemic sure did a number on our food supply system with restaurants closing and supermarkets running out of items like flour and toilet paper. But now more than ever, consumers have a lot of choices for shopping online, going to farmer’s markets, seeking out local food stores like Sprouts, Whole Foods Trader Joe’s, farm CSAs and more. It can be fun to take a seasonal approach to shop, plan a menu, and cook with all of these new changes. 
  11. Nutrient density – this lesson is emphasized by the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and most consumers are seeking out superfoods like dragon fruit, acai fruit, matcha, and so many more items. They want to improve their health. You can pick a few of these and talk about how to find them or keep them healthy. But more importantly, folks must understand the difference between processed calorie-dense food and nutrient-dense food.
  12. Diet is more important than exercise – with everyone home and confined more diet is more important than ever to help people keep BMI, blood pressure,  and cholesterol low. Check out our new poster, You Can’t Outrun Your Fork!

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