Top 12 Hot Nutrition Education Topics for 2020

Are you looking for a hot topic for your next class, workshop, or client consultation? Or for Nutrition Month (R)?

As much as consumers want a magic bullet for their health, teachers want a magic topic that will engage, educate, and motivate their audience.

Here we have assembled all of the best and hottest topic predictions for 2020. With nutrition there is always plenty of lessons to help people learn anything from the basics, to skipping fads, to shopping and preparing meals with ease, or to making better choices when dining out!  The 2020 Nutrition Month theme is now all about reviewing the benefits of nutrition.

The hottest topics listed here are chosen from our expert writers’ recommendations, research in the news, views from our blog posts, many telephone and email inquiries with customers and readers, Amazon bestseller book lists, and over 100 food, health, and nutrition professional blogs that we follow. 

Here is the hot topics and trends that you can use to plan your own presentations and classes.

  1. Food Label: The Nutrition Facts Label is changing as of 2020. Check out the newest food label resources.
  2. Sugar: How to Find It, How to Consume Less now that added sugars are featured on the new food label.
  3. Plant-Based Diets: Focus on a plant slant! How to Plan Meals, New Foods, Benefits
  4. Dietary Guidelines: The Dietary Guidelines are changing soon! We will have a 2020-2025 set at the end of 2020. In the mean time, review the current Dietary Guidelines (2015-2020) while waiting for the next update.  
  5. MyPlate Start Simple is a new campaign by MyPlate to celebrate the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Changes and to help folks simplify their meals while getting more nutrients. 
  6. Fiber and Nutrient Density: a great combo lesson and way for consumers to understand nutrient quality plus fiber and gut health/microbiome are always popular new topics. 
  7. Meal Planning: Avoid waste, save time, save money, eat better! Engage in Skill Building: Go interactive with your audience!
  8. Kitchen How-To Cooking Demos for Seasonal Items – this is always our most popular topic and the how-to section in Amazon Cookbooks reflects that people want science, everyday cooking, more science, family recipes, and “low-calorie, high-flavor taste”
  9. Benefits of Family Meals and using MyPlate plates to help kids eat more fruits and veggies
  10. Tests and Quizzes: What Do We Know? What Did We Learn? Quizzes, puzzles, and tests are consistently popular.
  11. Weight Loss – a recent CDC survey found that half of all adults over the age of 20 have tried to lose weight over the past year and two thirds of all adults in the US are still overweight or obese. Check out our 12 Lessons Program!
  12. Self Control – for better habits and weight loss success – October study shows how and there are numerous studies on sleep and weight control

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updated on 01-19-2021